Any types of books, authors, etc. you enjoy now that you didn't as a JW?

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  • Krystal

    "The Witches Bible" - Janet and Stewart Farrar

    I bet they wouldn't like the pentagram hanging around my neck either...


  • christopherrobin

    Robert Heinlin

  • Eyebrow2

    christopherrobin....yes Heinlein is great...I read my first book by him about 7 months after I left the was Job: A Comedy of THAT really tripped me out...great book.

  • homme perdu
    homme perdu


    I still havent left the org

  • homme perdu
    homme perdu


    Ive been reading this literature since the age of thirteen and I was born into the org.

  • mapleaf18

    hey lost man,

    "reading since you were 13" LOL!!!!

  • the_classicist

    Anything by Umberto Eco.

  • Sabrina

    I always found this to be very amusing. I wasn't hardly allowed to read anything except the bible and the WTBTS literature...and I loved to read so much! I know that as my son's reading skills develop, I will merely be thankful for the fact that he is reading, as so many children's free time is taken up by tv, cartoons, and movies. I doubt I will be picky about what he chooses to read, though as a parent, it will be mildly monitored (WT literature, however, will be an absolute NO, NO).

    However, you have the bible, which I think we all were ENCOURAGED to read, which is filled with fornication, adultry, incest, murder, war, homosexuality, rape, polygamy, torture, demonic possessions, sorcery, witchcraft (also called miracles), etc, etc, etc.....yet, Harry Potter is banned? Then you have the WT literature, which contains detailed graphics of these very things, so not only do we have the descripitions to read as in the bible and the literature, but also imagery to fill our children's minds to go along with it. I find this to be not only humorous, but perhaps hypocritical at the same time. There's not many books out there that is going to be much worse than the bible, yet JW's aren't allowed to read them and are urged to read the teachings of the bible. It seems the bible will teach our children how to sin before some of these other books named will. Just my thoughts.

  • cheeseman

    I had a good collection of Stephen King books a few years back when I was doing my "bible study". After being told such material could act as a portal to the demons (hahahaahahahahahahahah!) I threw them all out in the trash. Can you believe it??? What TF was I thinking??? I'm slowly starting to collect them again...but I'm still pissed off.

  • love2Bworldly

    I love scary books! I never read them as a JW, but now I love sci-fi, Stephen King, Dean Koonz etc.

    I also enjoyed reading all kinds of books to my kids without any guilt--like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, fairy tales, etc. etc.

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