Disgusting wasteful behaviour

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  • tijkmo

    cant believe you gave a serious answer to that

  • minimus

    I don't think he was.

  • tijkmo


  • HappyDad
    It is hard to cook for a household of two. I love my freezer!


    Try cooking for one. I've gained a few pounds since I've been by myself the past 9 years and I tell everyone that you can't cook for one...so I cook for two and eat it all.

    Really! I love my freezer also. Leftovers come in handy those days I don't feel like cooking.


  • Eyebrow2

    confusedjw super size me was a great movie.

    I a big chickadee...so I need to cut down anyway. But several months ago, I realized that sometimes when I got a really big diet soda at the gas station or fast food place, that I only drank half of it. Now, I am not really losing money, because it is so cheap. However, throwing half of it away just gets one used to tossing stuff.

    4 of my kids waste a lot of food at dinner time, so I started giving them half portions, until I could gauge better what they would eat. Of course, this always varies by what I make...the picky little buggers. But since I started doing this, I now cook half the potatos I used to for example, and lots of times when I do take the kids out to fast food, I will just get one kids meal, and an extra burger and let them split the fries and drink. Saves me a little money, and I don't feel so guilty about wasting. My mom wasted NOTHING...and still doesn't.

    Maybe some kid in china isn't going to starve because I threw away those three rotting bananas today. But, if I managed my food supply a little better, maybe I would have an extra 20 or 50 or 100 kicking around to donate to fight hunger. ...and maybe I wouldnt be so fat hahah...because it is sometimes REALLY hard to balance the waste not, want not with ....oh I better eat this or it will go to waste!!!....in my case it goes to WAIST!!!

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    "People that abound in plenty, are often the ones that do not appreciate what they have until it is gone."----Mr Kim

  • Sabrina
    Mav - have you seen the movie "Super Size Me"?


    My son brought it home from health class at school. Since then we have literally not gone to a fast-food joint other than Subway twice and KFC once, in months.

    EVERYONE should watch that movie. Funny too.

    Confused, Excellent suggestion. I watched this movie about a week ago (unfortunately, I was lying on the sofa watching TV due to a stomach virus...not the best thing to watch when your stomach is weak) and it was very informative. I can't bring myself to eat fast food anymore, and it was something my family and I indulged once or twice a month. It really makes you think. I highly suggest it to everyone.

  • mouthy

    It seems to be 'god followers' who do most to cause all the problems in the world

    Well Simon I have to agree with some of what you said- When I left the cult I joined a group called" Mothers & Others Making Change"I used to go to all the big stores get donations of clothes -shoes etc:then rent a place to have a sale & sell it to raise money for them-- Did very well. I also used to go to all the big restraunts & ask for the left over food to dispense to the hungry in our area ( of which there were many) But they ALL told me NO!!!! they throw it out- because folk would say they got food poisoning & sue them!!!!

    But as for your quote at the beginning I am a God follower But I tried.!!!!!

  • simplesally

    She washed and carefully dried aluminum foil and re-rolled it to use again later.

    Scully, I spent so much time with my grandmothers and great grandmothers.....all of whom were effected by the Depression and the War. I even lived with my grandparents and my great grandmother lived upstairs in the other flat. So, I still re-use my tin foil, save the vegetable baggies I get "free" from the store (careful to leave the leaded print on the outside). I tend to use wash clothes in the kitchen instead of paper towels and save my old kitchen towels for rags (instead of buying cleaning towels).

    I don't mind buying used books or shopping at used clothing stores for our "play" clothes and I always donate old clothing and toys to the womens shelter. We eat leftovers and freeze dinners. The crock-pot is our friend.

    Salad spinner??? Who needs to buy a stupid spinner when there is a pillow case!! My grandmother taught me that one, too.

    The influence of the older generation has really taught me about wastefulness and how to be frugal.

  • trevor

    It does seem that we live in a world where we waste a lot of things. Books and newspapers we never finish reading. Clothes that are bought as a type of therapy and never worn - women are the worst at this of course.

    Perhaps there is such an abundance in the Western world that we take it all for granted but I don?t think it leads to happiness. When I was young we were very poor so I treasured the few things I had and that brought me more satisfaction than excess.

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