Jehovah's witnesses do not waste time and money by building

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  • love11

    Wow! I wonder how many billions of dollars it takes to run just one of these facilities. Those buildings were as nice as any Microsoft headquarters or Coca Cola Corp,.

    The catholics bring in the money too, but I always see them giving out by funding Catholic Homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Catholic Hospitals, and sending food shipments to Ethiopia, etc,.

    Where are the jw's stashing their money away? I know they're not helping people with it. What ever happened to "you will know them by their fruits"?

  • inquirer


    Everything looks too extravagent with those pictures you present! lol :)


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    ARISTOCRAT 2: Oh yeah, that would be lovely.
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    ARISTOCRAT 2: Yars, indeeeed.

  • inquirer

    I saw another picture of the NY Bethel, on street level... most pictures I see look too far away... it's all about perception... But it made me realize how huge those JW buildings are NY!!! THEY ARE BLOODY GIGANTIC!!!!! They look bigger than America! :O

  • inquirer

    Good post, king of Daventry! (Remember Kings Quest, pc game?)

    I'm the king of England! I battling against those evil saxons! :D

  • inquirer

    Theocratic Vacation or
    Theocratic Vatican. Sorry I am dyslexic! :D ;)

    Sorry I couldn't resist! :D

  • EvilForce

    Yeah, let's pile in a car and tour the countryside looking for KH to photograph. I feel so superior....I mean spiritual ......LOL

  • blondie

    Gary, interesting quote.

    That pretty much reflects the philosophy of Bible Students today. Very few own or build meeting places. I visited one group in Illinois that had purchased a small church. They commented that this was very unusual.

    Starting in the late 1940s and early 1950s, JW congregations in the US started building KHs It was about that time the term "Kingdom Hall" came into being. Around 1970, the WTS started purchasing buildings and remodeling them for circuit assemblies and then building them from scratch. In the 1990's the WTS purchased a building in West Palm Beach that is used for district conventions. I can remember visiting Wallkill when the first non-agricultural building was put up in the early 1970's.

    It does show how cleverly the WTS can take a scripture and twist it to fit their actions of the moment.

    Love, Blondie

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    'Jehovah's witnesses do not waste time and money by building large church edifices to invite people to such to hear them preach .
    LET GOD BE TRUE p.1924


    Seems like a beautiful venue to play a "Monsters of Rock" tour date, lol~!

  • Country_Woman
    I think a match and lots of gasoline would be a good solution to that building

    I don't think that that is a solution: since they are well insured.


    Blondie, in a suburb of Rotterdam: Overschie, they bought a lovely old little church and transformed it into a Kingdom Hall (by removing the steeple - now their is a stump on top)

  • zaphod

    for our circuit we have a huge purpose built hall. i could not find a picture on line but i thought that this was quite interesting:

    East Pennine Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
    Key Statistics
    Total Income£0.16m
    Explanation of terms
    Address:1 Irwin Drive
    NG6 7BJ
    CC registration:515577.
    Brief description of aims:Advancement of the christian religion
    i don't know if this is typical, or a lot of money in this context, but i (obviously naively) never thought of a kingdom hall as being a profit making org. DOH!

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