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  • Shawn

    Some of you are familiar with my story so I wont get into it again. I need help though. I just talked to my friend's mother and she has agreed to read papers on JWs and think about her position with her daughter. She has agreed not to say anything to her about it and if she feels I am right in my opinion than she will listen to me about alking to her. I need you guys to help me gather as much non biased factual information againts the WTS as possible. I am going to put it on a disc for her to read. I will be looking and I have a lot of bookmarks to copy from but the more help the better. I know you guys can help so PLEASE help. We can all help this woman save her daughter's future and possibly her life. Thank you all up front for your help and your continued support.

  • under74
  • Shawn

    I am checking freeminds right now. I need past posts that you may use yourselves or anything else that might be hard to find. I pretty much have the obvious covered. I need obscure things or personal stories. Thanks.

  • Brummie

    Shawn, there is a docufilm called "Witnesses of Jehovah" by Jeremiah films. It was made in 1986 but I highly recommend you get a hold of it, it will serve a great purpose for you. You need a very light approach to warn other people of JWs, those who have not studied it will be put off by anything too indepth. Freeminds is a good place to start.

    Seek and find the film, you wont regret it, I stopped quite a few going into it by simply showing them that film>


  • what_Truth?

    There's a wealth of news articles on the JW's at

  • NewLight2

    David A Reed has written a book entitled:
    "How to Rescue Your Loved One from the WatchTower"
    c/r 1989 Baker Book House
    ISBN - 0-8010-7752-4
    It also comes on CD!
    He has a web site too:
    Comments from the Friends

    You might want to check out this web page:

    Jehovah's Witnesses: A Critical Analysis

    I posted a link to this website in another thread.

  • NewLight2

    Here is where to buy Witnesses of Jehovah (Documentary) P, S, 58 minutes
    Goes behind the scenes to reveal how the Watchtower Society holds tyrannical control over its members and the devastating impact it has on its members.

    On that same page are listed a few other videos you may like.

    Here is the home page:

  • avishai

    This one's great it uses there own words against them. My fave

  • Shawn

    A new twist. She is ready to read any info tomorrow and after that she will be gone for a week. She will be reading it while she is gone, so nfortunatly the video is not an option right now. I am going to get it for the futur but right now it wont help.

  • avengers

    I started a thread called "The Watchtower has a deal with the Navy" some time ago.

    There's alot of info about the WT having had stock in the Military.

    Here's the link. Hope you can use it.


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