How long have you been on the Internet? and ..

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  • Brummie

    Which is the 1st exjw Site you posted on?

    I didnt get on until 1999 and posted on Randys WT world and H20 occasionally. Also Larry Ingmans chat...

    any of you used to post or chat there?

  • drwtsn32

    I was online before the Internet was commercialized/popular. I started on Prodigy in 1992 but I was still a dub then and hung out with fellow dubbers. :)

  • Brummie

    Wow, I never even heard of the iternet until about 96!


  • jwbot

    1994 (or 5?) was a wickedly expensive subscription...and I used it for email mostly. Oh gawd...Netscape came out then, no? Oh and don't forget about mIRC!!! (which I still use btw). My first ex-jw site was this one I beleive, that I posted on. I would look for these "apostate" sites way earlier but never posted.

  • Leolaia

    I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet in the summer of 1993. But I never posted in any ex-JW forum until 2002 or so. Go figure.

  • fairchild

    I've used the internet since 1992, but only for e-mails. Got my own computer and access to more than just e-mailing since 1996. JWD is the only ex JW site I post at. I do post at a few poetry sites and have my own website as well (poetry). I mainly use the rhyming dictionary and thesaurus on the internet, and usually put a few posts down on JWD during a break while I'm writing.

  • wunce_wuz

    I signed up for Internet access through Compuserve in 1988 and been addicted ever since. How things have changed since then.

  • greendawn

    I was using my brother's internet connection 1995-1997 then I got my own a 33K modem, paid monthly subscription plus the time on line, at local telephone rates. Things went a long way and from January 2003 I used 512k ADSL, and from November 2004 1024k (1MB) ADSL paying just monthly subscription. First posted here in April 2004.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Online since about 2001 or so I guess.

    First 'apostate' site I ever saw was Silentlambs. Then Watchtower Information Service. Then Watchtower Quotes. First posted on the guestbooks of SL and WIS, then here. Occcasionally I check in on Channel C where Penton and gang post.


  • jeanniebeanz

    1995 or so, and the first site I was comfortable saying anything on was Women Awake. I still peek in from time to time, but it is nothing like this place.


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