WTS financial secrets

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  • breeze

    I am certain that all of the money is finding someones pocket.

    This is a list of the corporations....

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (Incorporated 1884)

    President Don A. Adams
    Vice Presidents Robert W. Wallen, William F. Malenfant
    Secretary/Treasurer Richard E. Abrahamson
    Directors Danny L. Bland, Philip D. Wilcox, John N. Wischuk

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (Incorporated 1909)

    President Max H. Larson
    Vice Presidents George M. Couch, Lonnie R. Schilling
    Secretary/Treasurer Gerald F. Simonis
    Directors Gerald D. Grizzle, David G. Sinclair, Robert M. Pevy

    Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000)

    President William L. Van De Wall
    Vice Presidents Charles I. Woody, Leon Weaver, Jr.
    Secretary/Treasurer William H. Nonkes
    Directors Harold K. Jackson, Merton V. Campbell, Stanley F. Weigel

    Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses (Incorporated 2000)

    President Patrick J. LaFranca
    Vice Presidents Peter D. Molchan, Ralph E. Walls
    Secretary/Treasurer Joseph D. Mercante
    Directors Marvin G. Smalley, Kenneth J. Pulcifer, Eugene D. Rosam, Jr.

    Kingdom Support Services, Inc. (Incorporated 2000)

    President Harold L. Corkern
    Vice Presidents Alan D. Janzen, Robert L. Butler
    Secretary/Treasurer Alexander W. Reinmueller
    Directors James F. Mantz, Jr., Thomas Kalimeris, Alan G. Browning

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New Jersey, Inc. (Incorporated 1955)

    President Charles V. Molohan
    Vice Presidents James L. Bauer, J. Richard Brown
    Secretary/Treasurer Alan K. Flowers
    Directors Allen E. Shuster, David L. Walker, Vernon C. Wisegarver

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Florida, Inc. (Incorporated 1986)

    President Leonard R. Pearson
    Vice Presidents Alejandro G. Rodriguez, Maurice C. Turcot
    Secretary/Treasurer Mark L. Questell
    Directors Jim Moody, Sr., Anselm J. Packnett, Donald R. Krebs

    Valley Farms Corporation (Incorporated 1987)

    President Charles J. Rice
    Vice Presidents Kent E. Fischer, Robert L. Rains
    Secretary/Treasurer Albert L. Harrell
    Directors John R. Strandberg, Samuel D. Buck, Louis A. Travis

  • Whiskeyjack

    It's always a bad sign in an organization when there is little transparency (at least moderately detailed financial statements made available the to congs.) and no mechanisms for investigations/queries ("its not for us to question the GB"). Learning the identity of the "shareholders" would be a great start in attempting to follow the money the WTS has raked in over this last century.

    The "organizational" chart for the WTS is getting pretty convoluted (who does what, who owns what, who's responsible for what, etc...) for a "simple" Godly organization with a "simple" mission.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    all you have to do , is go back to russell. he was running scams selling sundries etc. from some sears like catalog. and had the name of the co. regestered under some sisters names. who do you thing payed for all russells,rutherFRAUDS ETC. WORLD WIDE VACTIONS. it was the jw fools buy selling, donating $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the craptower. because they told the rank and file. the END OF THE WORLD IS COMMING 1874,78,81 1910, 05 07 12 1914 1915 1918, 1920, 25 29 32 36 41 51 54 ANY DAY NOW 1975 BEFORE 2000 ETC. ANY ONE THAT' WANT TO OPEN HIS EYES CAN SEE THE SCAM. JOHN

  • G Money
    G Money

    Swiss bank accounts? Not quite but very close, I cannot where but did write checks and handle money in a tax haven and the money never left the jurisdiction.

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