How do you keep your kids busy....

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  • mkr32208

    Ass to the vasoline... if you live in a dry climate you can use lots in the winter on your heels and elbows! It's not the best lubricant for the thermometer (or anything else up there) because it don't wash off!!!!!

    Astroglide is the way to go for that.... beats k-y all to heck!

  • lilbit

    why is it when we do get them down for naps we are all here instead of hurrying up and getting the house clean? Ive been asking my self this question all morning

    OK really going to get up and clean now. really I think

  • love11

    Xjw- poor oven! I see the the dirty dishes in your kitchen as well. Now I don't feel so bad.

  • beebee

    Love11, you should stop and play with your kids. Not only is it wonderful fun for you but those are the memories your kids will have forever. Never get too old to do that!

    Some tricks that I've used (mine are now 9-18):

    A new movie or the one old favorite you know will capitvate them (I hate sit down occupation, but somedays it's the best idea)

    Anything they can create, be it a lego creation (you can find free patterns to use what you already own on their website) or a painting is good. You can find recipes for homemade playdoh and silly putty online. Make a batch, then let them go with it. The 9 nine year old is old enough to make it with supervision and measuring and stuff is good knowledge.

    My mother's trick and one of my favorites - "If you come in the house, I'm going to give you a chore." She never warned us or said that phrase but looking back I can see it was a well-planned ploy. We just figured out at some point that every time we walked in the house, she gave us something to do so we learned to stay outside and play with our friends! It kept us outside even when our favorite tv show was on! As a mom, I figure this one's a win for ME either way.

    Good chores for little ones

    - sorting know that big bag in the back of the closet where you've thrown all the odd ones? You must have 50 matching pairs in there but someone has to sort them.

    - organizing the Tupperware (not that you care if they are really organized)

    - dusting, weeding, etc.

    And speaking of the Vaseline incident - we had something similar happen; when my oldest was 2 1/2 and her little sis was crawling, she painted the baby's entire head with Desitin. she looked like the baby ghost on Casper, down to the curly cue on top! The best part, one of my black friends was at the house at the time, and I just looked and exclaimed "oh my g-d, I have a white baby!" He just smiled and said that if I had a preference for Chocolate, I should have come to him. Getting rid if the white was easy, getting rid of the fish oil smell took days. I still have great pictures.

  • love11

    lil- I's addictive! I think it's because we need to talk with adults for once. It's so boring all day by yourself with nothing to do but watch kids. And on the days I feel like doing something, I don't want to be at home cleaning that's for sure. I actually think my husband would like it better if we did switch things up. But I can't complain, at least I get to go to school while he's working to pay for it. After school is over, it will be my turn to leave the house. And then I'll probably wish I could stay at home. Ironic.

  • love11

    beebee- oh I love pictures. Thanks for the advice and laughs, bee and everyone. I'm going to start laundry but I'll be back on later to check more posts. Thanks

  • lonelysheep

    Ah, yes, I can relate to vaseline being all over the place. What a bitch to clean up!

    I try to play with them a few times during each weekend day (when I'm home). Sometimes it's with their toys, or if it's nice, take them out on their bikes/big wheels. We have our own puppet shows, too. Mine are 3 and (almost) 5.

  • love11

    hey... Thanks for posting everybody. After cleaning and stopping a fight between them I'm ready for a vacation. I signed up with an aerobics class at the ymca on-line to burn off some steam. I guess today is one of those kind of days. Tomorrow is another day! haha

  • lilbit

    Love whatcha goin to school for?. Im going to night classes for cosmetology right now I cant wait to get done

  • love11


    First Graphic Arts

    Then Theater

    Then Computers

    Now Psychology

    I know it seems like I'm flighty but I guess I need to try something before I realize that it's not for me. Everything else in my life seems somewhat solid except for my choice in a career.

    My sister is a hair stylist and she is putting herself through nursing school, the last time I heard. Good Luck in all of your endeavors .Love

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