did snakes have legs

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  • LittleToe


    oh and another thing......why are LTs posts always so damn tidy

    It my "thang".
    Some folks get old and buy a snake, so they can be crazy snake man (Chandler, Friends). This year I'll have been four years on this board, and have seen them come and go, the software change, and how I do and don't like to see posts presented for readability.
    My methods may not be the best and it may not be the world's greatest philosophy, but I like them, so F you... (said in incredibly broken and Monty Pythonesque French accent). Anyhow, have you ever seen a guy in hose? It's not a pretty sight, made no more alluring by his "snake".
    Let's just keep the leg watching confined to da ladies, shall we PS. Elephants are pretty good swimmers. Makes ya wonder why, given that they didn't have anywhere to swim to, unless Britain is the centre of the universe....
    Things that make ya thunk...

  • tijkmo

    LT...I fart in your general direction....may all your children be uh oh cant remember...and your mother smell of elderberries......fetchez la vache

  • IP_SEC

    Hmmm, nachash sounds kinda like the sanskrit nagas :P. Maybe the nachash was part of the reptilian agenda?


    Ianone, what do you think?

  • cyborgVision
  • cyborgVision


    Its great to have opinionated discussion but perhaps sometimes you've gotta check your fact too

  • tijkmo
    i put this in scandals cos i dont care whether or not snakes ever had legs-and i dont think it is much of a scandal either way...its just i knew it was in the wt but once again i find the index does not direct you to it..this is happening too frequently

    i have read it now and that is very interesting...but it only serves to emphasize the above (3 times for emphasis now)..why has it been removed from the index...either because the wts no longer believe it so are ashamed to direct attention to it...or because it isnt true and should therefore not have been there in the first place..it is another example of guess work..albeit on a not very life determining subject but when you guess at things you are bound to get some things wrong and some things right..which is too big a risk to take for the lives of 6 million people

  • cyborgVision

    Or haw about this: http://www.smu.edu/newsinfo/releases/99256.html

    Your eagerness to discount anything and everything you've read from the bible might prevent you to examine clear scientific evidence.

    And on another note, many of old myths are based in facts, our ancestors weren't morons when they observed the world around them. How they interpreted what they saw is another matter but it doesn't mean everything you read from old books is bullsh**

  • LittleToe

    I read it, but then I had already posted about snakes with pevis'

    So ya think that parts of Genesis were built upon previous myths concerning the evolution of snakes?
    That there was some kind of prehistoric "Darwin" works for me

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Thanks for the scan.

    Were you able to make out sifficient detail to see if the snake had legs?

    When I tried enlarging the picture, it became too blurred.

  • NeonMadman

    The copy I posted earlier is actually off the Watchtower Bookshelf CD, and no, I can't see the legs in the scan either. Looking at the original book, however, the legs are pretty clear. The serpent is sitting up in the tree, sort of in a "puppy begging" position.

    This time I've scanned it from the original book at 300 dpi and enlarged it some. Hopefully the legs will be more discernable here.

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