Bible Study Burns Down the House...

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  • Sparkplug
    He shouldn't have been pushing people in the water if he didn't know how to swim himself.

    Now THAT can mean so many things. At least you had the nuts to stand up for yourself!

    Ooh reminds me ....talking of Bible study kids... I got busted playing doctor in the closet at one of my moms bible studies. 'Course we were a bit stupid because it consisted of jamming wadded rolls of toilet paper down our pants and tops.... LMAO.

  • love11

    Spark- I'm so sorry to hear this. That's terrible having your home there one minute and the next minute completely gone.

    My "being persecuted for Jehovah's sake" story is a little bit different. My father was very abusive and whenever he would beat us up badly my mom would say that this is Jehovah testing us to see how much we could bare. And whatever didn't kill us, made us stronger. She compared us to Job and Jesus. Crazy, I know!!!

    Thank God, the universe, or just pure luck that you weren't in that house when that crazy woman was there. Who knows what she could have done to you!


  • Sparkplug
    My "being persecuted for Jehovah's sake" story is a little bit different. My father was very abusive and whenever he would beat us up badly my mom would say that this is Jehovah testing us to see how much we could bare. And whatever didn't kill us, made us stronger. She compared us to Job and Jesus.

    Now Honey...Love11. You know your story is so much more heartbreaking than having the home burnt. Jehovah will provide more material things, but your heart has to wait on the new system to be whole.

    Just messing. I do really feel your tale is so much worse than our home and I am hoping that that has all ended right? Are you ok hon? I went through being hit and got no help either from the JW's. I know that although the bruises heal, there are scars left on the heart and it can feel like being beat again when you are told that Jehovah is testing you. (((((((((((love11))))))))))

  • love11

    I'm fine now...although it's taken me almost 30 years to get here. Isn't that something that they don't tell on child abusers? Who does that?!!!!!!! Well anyways... I'm glad we're both in a much better place. No help on their part I might add.

  • CeriseRose

    Because of the pecking order in our KH, my sister, a regular pioneer, was always given the "privilege" of being handed the studies that the elders wives who were pioneers didn't want to take. (Loosely translated, anyone who wasn't from a completely clean cut household, who had greater problems than just finding scheduling time, and who had no transportation of their own to get to meetings.)

    So my sis started studying with this one woman who had been off again on again. I started studying with the kids, 6 and 8, who had just been returned to her after being seized by social services. The woman was on welfare, and unbeknownst to us, had had many go-arounds with this congregation...when she got really desperate/broke she asked for a study, knowing that there would be hand outs. No one thought to tell us.

    My apartment housed the book study. Naturally, she came along, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. Gave her lots of time to case the place. To make a very long story short, it turned out she was attending the study, going home and getting high with a neighbour, no intention of "taking the truth". We didn't know this until much later though.

    The week it happened was a March when I was auxiliary pioneering and had taken days off from work for full service days. It was the first one, Monday, I got home from service to a message on my answering machine that my Grannie, newly moved into a long-term care facility, was in a diabetic coma. In the hours it took me to go and deal with her, they broke in and stole a bunch of stuff. The police, when they came to take the report, said it looked like a classic "break-in for drug money" type of thing...the items stolen were easily fenced. The one thing that confused me (and at the time I still didn't figure her) was that my Kingdom Melodies CD was taken...I thought the thief was particularly stupid for that (even as a dub I couldn't figure resale value on that). At the time, I thought it was kind of odd that there I was pioneering for Jehovah and this kind of thing could happen (of course it would be my fault not God's, because God doesn't do bad things...).

    Shortly after that I discovered her mistreating her kids. I told her that I knew she was hurting them and that if I saw it again I'd go to social services (her greatest fear). She got fairly violent/angry and kicked me out of the house (I wasn't hurt, I was probably twice her size and she wasn't so stupid as to actually put herself in line for me to press charges).

    I can't prove it was her, but I can see no other possibility. It may have been a random break-in, but I was out of my normal schedule and only people who knew me, knew that. I would have been home then, and I did leave lights on when I wasn't. And the fact that my Kingdom Melodies was taken...

    Fortunately I had tenant's insurance and was able to replace everything. Nothing gets rid of that feeling of violation very fast though.

  • EvilForce

    Sounds appropriate...give up your time and resources and you'll get kicked in the dick.

  • kazar

    Sparkplug, your real-life story is hilarious, albeit I'm sure it wasn't at the time it happened to you. Seem like it left you unscathed with except for a great sense of humor. Too bad your mother is still involved. Hopefully she will wake up one day.

  • Sparkplug

    CeriseRose- That feeling you have that it was her...I'de go with it. Usually it is right. That violated feeling of someone being in your space...That is a horrible one. Crazy studies.

    kazar- I did not realize it was not so funny till I actually learned to question some of my behavior...or saw the reaction other people had to things of such nature. I still do that, laugh at everything that should really be painful. I think it is a defense mechanism. But...It makes a lot of great memories to laugh at.

  • JAVA

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