I'm not one to get into celebrity gossip but,

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  • Billygoat

    It is said that Charles has never loved anyone but Camilla. But he wasn't allowed to marry her because she was not a virgin and the future king must marry a virgin. Camilla gives up and marries someone else. Charles reaches the age when he "should marry" so they scout around for a proper virgin. Diana just happens to fit the bill and so on and so on.

    Charles should have stood up to his parents and the protocol and taken Camilla for his bride in the first place. We have all seen the tragic blunder of a first marriage for Charles unfold before us. It's time for Britain to get with it and decide that Prince William should be able to marry whom he wants to, virgin or not, royalty or not.

    Personally, I think they may have been trapped by circumstances beyond their control. We've never experienced that as JWs have we? We HAD to go to meetings we didn't like, we had to go out in the field which we didn't like, we were forced to believe things we didn't believe in. Why didn't we just stand up to our Queen Mother and do what we wanted? Because we thought we were trapped...and in many ways we were.

    I think in some ways we've experienced what Prince Charles has experience. More than anything I have compassion for him and think if he wants to marry Camilla after all these years, good on him. It's his life. Not his mothers. Or ours.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Personally, I think they may have been trapped by circumstances beyond their control.

    I agree. I hope that the Royal Family will learn from this and not impose the same pressure on Prince William to marry the perfect royal bride. He should be able to marry whom he wants to. I know from my experience as a JW about being pressured to marry and stay in an unhappy marriage. I am glad I finally got the strength to walk away and live my own life as I need to live it.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    For Gawds sake,let them get on with it and i for one hope they find happiness....

    Yes its unfortunate they didnt marry 30 Years ago,but they didnt but have now.So what.I seriously doubt Charles will ever be King anyway..if the Royal Family is to survive (i personally dont care either way)William will be the next King.

    So many People are against Charles and camilla because of Diana(remember the pathetic ott outpouring of Grief when she died?) of course it was sad she died ,but She was no saint.Rather a ,manipulative,selfish drama Queen.

    Yeah,good luck to them.

  • gypsywildone

    I'm with Flying High,Sirona & Billygoat.

    Petty moralizing aside, I think it's one hell of a love story! I have the utmost compassion for all involved. The Roayl machine hurt an awful lot of people, starting with Diana. I think she was a naiive, 20 year old girl used & abused by it all. I think Charles had a beautiful but troubled young young wife foisted upon him for duty.

    The entire episode left a whole lot of people hurt by it all. I think those calling Camilla names based upon her looks are cruel & crass.

    There are a few lessons to be learned here. For those that would get in their adult children's love lifes & attempt to influence them, this is what can result down the road. Also, it takes more than flash & beauty to hold a marriage together & a husband's attention. It goes to show that a dramatic, crying & often upset wife will have the opposite effect. I think a man wants his intellectual & emotional equivalent.

    Opposites attract, but from what I've seen, then they tend to claw each other's eyes out eventually. Charles & Camilla come from similar back grounds, have always circulated in the same social circles, probably view things with similar perceptions & share common interests. Horticulture, riding & fox hunting (eeew!) seem to make them both happy. Attending glamorous celebrity parties doesn't seem to interest either one.

    I wish them every happiness!

  • love11

    Honestly, I think they should have been together from the beginning. But because she wasn't royalty he had to follow the rules and marry someone of royalty just for show- Diana. Now that things are becoming more liberal and accepting they decided to do what they always wanted to do, be together. I guess water really does seek it's own level. D- never belonged with that geezer in the first place.

  • jaffacake

    I support Sirona, fleaman & others who say live & let live. Let he who is without sin....

  • heatherg

    I do agree with all of you, I'm really not one to even care about this kinda stuff, but for whatever reason this just really irks me. Maybe becuse it's being flaunted Idunno. hg

  • EvilForce

    It's not being flaunted it's being hyped. Hyping by the media to sell papers, sell commercial time, etc..etc...

    From the candid shots I've seen of them they seem very happy together. Good for them! God know the Charles / Diana marriage was a loveless prison sentance for BOTH of them.

  • TresHappy

    All I can say is that Diana is rolling over in her grave about now...

  • ballistic
    Why does Britain cling to the throne anyway? It's not as if the throne has any real power anymore. It seems more due to sentimentality that this whole dinasaur is still in place.

    I guess we do feel sentimental singing "God save the queen", probably just as sentimental you do singing your national anthem. I'm sure you agree there are things you find sentimental about your country. If not, I can't imagine why you would want to live there.

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