Ok now i am getting the creeps

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  • kls

    I live in the country on a hill and i know in the country there are lots of birds but for 3 days now there have been a group of Turkey Buzzards flying over my house non stop. As far as i know there is nothing dead in my yard but they constantly circle and circle around my house and getting close to the windows.

    Now i shower everyday so it can't be that i smell,,,,,,,,could it?

    Really if anyone knows why they won't go away let me know cause they is really ugly and rather unnerving.

  • purplesofa

    I think Turkey buzzards like monkey meat. GRILLED!

  • kls

  • JamesThomas

    Are you sure you don't have a dead person on your roof?

  • kls

    JT never thought of that one but i ain't gonna look or there will be one.

  • ballistic

    This is what happens if you start feeding birds!!!

  • Sirona

    of course, look for all logical answers but,

    I believe in animal totems and maybe this has a message for you? once you know the message they'll go away. I will look it up and hopefully post tomorrow with some ideas,


  • Satanus

    Maybe it's that monkey food that you always eat, you know, w that special sauce that you like so much I know, get out the shotgun and blast those suckers. That'll give em some dead bodies Ok, seriously, who has the best sense of smell in your family? Maybe get him/her to walk around and check things out.


  • Gopher

    An increase in vultures obviously means Armageddon and "the great feast of the day of Jehovah" mentioned in the Book of Revelation must be getting near!

    (Don't forget to turn in your field service reports.)

  • JH

    Maybe it's the kitty leftovers.....

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