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  • NoAnswers

    Hello guys.... i have a qestion .....hopefully u can help me. Its kinda stupid actually, but if someone knows I will apreciate an answer. Why are circuit / District overseers move every so often ?

    Hope someone has an answer. I rarely even post but i am an avid reader of the forum. I thank all who replied to my post about my Df`Ed.. hope to hear some insightful answers.

  • NeonMadman

    Probably because if a CO or DO served the same area for many years, he could become so entrenched with the local JWs that, if he were to leave the organization, he might be able to draw away a large following with him. Moving them around every few years makes this sort of thing much less likely.

  • Shania

    They move the CO around every 3 years. I think for their own protection---------some really tick people off and after a while they lose there hold over people----------we figure them out quite fast..........we know who the creeps are and who are the kind ones-----------more creep though...........after 3 years they wear out their welcome...................they think they are the Apostle Paul-----------but alas they are not they are puny men acting like a big fish in a little pond...............

  • rebel8

    NeonMadman explained the reason given from the pulpit in my old cong. If they stay, they get too much power and people get attached.

  • roybatty

    IMO differnt CO's and DO's have differnt "talents" and are many times assiagned based upon what a congregation needs. Extremely low hours, call in a ball buster. No new recruits for future MS's and elders, get a slick talker to get those young bros motivated. Etc. etc. etc.

    Yet more proof how it's just another big business...

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I agree that all the reasons listed are part of it; but I think the deepest reason is that in order to uphold the company line they dare not let these men become sentimental and genuine friends for too long - always easy for middle management to chop heads or what is needed if not attached to the employees in a personal way - IMHO


  • ljwtiamb

    When I was @ JW HQ we discussed this in detail with some of the old-timers.

    Basically, everyone is on the money:

    1. Usually these guys have such strong influence that they could potentially take a large group with them if they join a site like this.

    2. Also, if they get into trouble (which has happened in the past) like, adultery or something, the fallout can be especially hard and widespread.

    3. Since, they are somewhat human, WTS doesn't want them to get too close to the brothers. They need to maintain some distance to allow better representation of the WTS edicts. Just imagine, telling someone not to go to school, when you know their children and family are suffering as a direct result.

    4. You don't want these key men and women to be influenced by the 'real life' that the brothers are going through. That's actually one big advantage of bethel. Bethelites are so far removed from reality, their counsel is always closer to WTS direction.

    Just a few things I've learned.

  • Crumpet

    I think its to keep em fresh - but maybe changing the material once in a while that would help.

    Do other religions swap their bishops or equivalent around quite so much?

  • HadEnuf

    They need to move on to other congregations that are in need of terrorization and BIG BROTHER to help them correct their errant ways.

    Or, they may need to flee for their own protection. There could be a real threat of mob action for the stupid decisions and the ruining of lives they leave in their wake.

    Cathy L.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist
    Do other religions swap their bishops or equivalent around quite so much?

    only when they get caught (^_^)

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