Do "born-again christians"believe that the Pope went to heaven or hell?

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  • Satanus

    The funny thing is that many protestants are criticising the group which created christianity as a viable and defined religion. It laso is the body which chose what should go into the bible, basically creating the latter part, the nt. Then, the church carried that religion to those who accepted it and held it for over a millenium, but now condemn it. That's fine and dandy. But, i find it comical bluster.

    S grasshopper class

  • aniron

    Depends which group of "born-again christians" you mean. The ones that follow Roberts, or Graham, or Copeland, or Hinn etc etc.

    As a "born-again Christian" myself, that is, one who has accepted Christ as my Saviour. After 30 years as a JW.

    I believe that Karol Wojtyla has gone to heaven. A man who, from what I've read, from his youth believed that the only hope for the world was Jesus Christ.

  • bebu
    If you notice not one of these is a yes or no answer so that is defitenitely a red light to the born-again bigotry towards Catholics.

    So, an answer that is gray instead of black or white-=bigotry.

    An answer of "No" would surely also=bigotry, right?

    Obviously, this was a loaded question!


  • Brummie

    Good observation bebu.


    Sorry, the born again Christian organization hasn't released a statement on that yet, so I wouldn't want to "run ahead"...


    Fact is, no one knows the answer to the question. See even if a person has wrong doctrine it doesnt mean they wont go to heaven or be saved. That is JW doctrine. Christian doctrine is that its not their decision who goes to heaven or hell. ANyone can be saved by grace.

  • DanTheMan

    When I was growing up, my parents were liberal Democrats, and as Catholic as they come. Not WASPy protestants by any stretch of the imagination. I think that those are the kind of Catholics that really used to get the fur up among BA protestants, certainly they were on the road to hell. I'm sure my dad still is, as he votes democrat still and is not dogmatic in religious matters whatsoever, but I'm sure that BA's would consider my mom, who is still very Catholic, probably has a much better chance of getting into heaven now that she's come to her senses and realized that the Republican party is doing the Lord's work. It's all political.

  • Tigerman

    Yes, this is a loaded question, however, in a way it doesn't make any difference, because many of the reponder's posts are simply drivel. No wonder the world is the way it is . . . you small people !

  • Tigerman

    Brummie nailed it . . .anyone can be saved by grace !

  • r51785

    "Born Agains" is such a JW term. JW's seem to believe that everyone has to be in an "organization." Actually different people have different opinions -- what an untheocratic concept. Having said that, I attend a non-deminational Christian Church. My mother the dub thinks I'm a "born again." So I guess as a representative of the "born again organization" I can speak for all the "born agains" throughout the entire world. Therefore from my authoratative perch I can assure you that the Pope is not a member of the "other sheep class" but is of the "annointed class" and since all members of the "annointed class" are subject to instantaneous resurrection since Christ's invisible presence of 1874 (or 1914 whatever)that the Pope indeed is in heaven. Either that or he is in hell. I am awaiting the answer to this in the next "Questions From the Readers" section of the "born again organization's" official Bible journal which is published semi-monthly in hundreds of languages throughout the world.

  • Tigerman

    Yes, anyone can be saved by grace . . .but you must cry out for it, and it may take a lifetime.

  • heathen

    I have no compassion for people that I consider to be the anti christ alive or dead . I merely try and open peoples eyes to the facts . Simon can do whatever he likes but I've always felt that censorship sucks especially coming from someone that trashes people as much as he does . I got one word for simon and that is HYPOCRITE .

    I can't hope but be curious about what the WTBTS will say in reguard to their most hated adversary dying . I really only care more about people that I feel have been lied to over religious issues and there is no religion immune from my critique .

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