Do "born-again christians"believe that the Pope went to heaven or hell?

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  • Dismembered

    As of yesterday, he hadn't left for heaven just yet. They were parading him around!


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • jaffacake

    I think Country Girl's answer is closest to Bible teaching.

    I don't think any can say who will or won't go to heaven, Jesus commands One Faith. That plainly doesn't mean one religion - religions are man-made. The One Faith is in Jesus Christ, not in any single religion's interpretation of the Bible. Who is to say who is the anti-Christ. Maybe its me? The Bible seems to teach it may be whoever says they have the true religion, or that another Christian religion is false. That fosters divisions, and divisions within the faith are sin.

    The call for one faith, and the clear teachings AGAINST sects or divisions, seems to suggest a call for unity in the important Christian beliefs, even if this means many differences on some interpretations of detail.

    Unity in the Faith - Christianity - but not uniformity of doctrine & practice.

    Perhaps non denominational, or tolerant ecumenicals fit the New Covenantl requirement?

    Just my two-penneth

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I think many will be shocked if they get to heaven and Pope John Paul II has to let them in the pearly gates. (ha-ha)

    Not so sure John Paul will be at the gates, but I'm certain that everyone is going to be "shocked" when they get to heaven with their pre-conceived ideas.

  • aunthill

    Good to see so many of the posters that I have known and loved are still on the board.

    Personally I, as a "born again" (whatever that is) have been mourning the death of the Pope. I think he was a good man and I certainly hope he is in heaven. He definitely influenced the world for good. I fear for him because he gave so much honor to Mary rather than Jesus, though.

  • bebu
    When born-agains bring up that Catholics worship the Pope I tell them that Born-Agains worship Jerry Farwell, Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Fred Price is worshipped by millions of African Americans as is TD Jakes.

    Here is a helpful thought. Born-Againers can be subdivided into Fundamentalists, Conservatives, Moderates, and Liberals. Fundamentalists usually decry the RC church (and to lesser extents in the other groups). Billy Graham is conservative, but not right-wing fundamentalist. Hence, he has received a lot of criticism from fundamentalists for his kind remarks about the pope from 1979:

    Following Pope John Paul II's (1979) visit, Graham praised the Pope as a "statesman, a pastor and an evangelist." Graham said that the Pope was "pointing people to Christ," and he called John Paul II "the greatest religious leader of the modern world."

    Also, Graham related in 1980 that the Pope told him, "We are brothers!"... and this brought a lot of criticism to Graham from fundamentalists.

    My point is, unlike the JWs, Christians do have a lot of variety in their opinions, even as "Born-Againers", because we come from different backgrounds, areas/amounts of education, cultures, etc. Iron sharpens iron.

    But another point is, if Graham is worshiped by Born-Againers as you believe, and the Pope is worshiped by the Catholics as some Protestants believe, then it is a nice thing to see these two 'gods' acknowledging each other as brothers. I'm sure they will hail each other in heaven.

    But changing direction entirely, here is a flash movie critical of the Pope and Mary-following Catholics--and it should make you chuckle! As an ex-Catholic who can still give credit to the Pope (although I'm confused by many of his Mary leanings), I think I can get away with posting this...


  • Abaddon

    Basically small-minded scared people will use anything to make their miserable lives easier.

    Whether they claim they are better due to a religous philosophy (like some fundametalist Christian or Muslim beliefs), or a political philosophy (Nazism or Communism), their being 'better' than everyone else requires scape-goats to be worse than anyone else. Whether it is the Pope, Jews, black people, it has more to do with the hate and inadequacy dominating the life of the person claiming to be better than anything the person criticised may or maynopt have done.

    As for threads critical of the Pope being locked; well, obviously the Pope was a galactic star-lizard overlord, just like Geroge Bush, Queen Elisabeth II and everyone in power anywhere. Simon is also a lizard overlord and will not broach criicism of his own kind.

    Either that or there is a difference between fair analysis and criticism and dull, repetative adolescent moronitude.

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