The Dumbed Down Awake Sinks Lower ( May 8)

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  • willyloman

    This is worth repeating, for emphasis. It's just one more example of why the WTS should fear the internet, which allows for the free exchange of real life dub experiences, many of which punch holes in the society's statistics:

    I was also the "magazine servant" at the time so I had an announcement made that any publisher who had magazines at home that they felt they wouldn't place could bring them up to the magazine counter and we would be glad to see to it that they got redistributed to other publishers who were in need. We literally got thousands of magazines (between 3 and 4 thousand if I recall correctly.) Now that is just one congregation of about 80 publishers, multiply that by 90,000 congos and you know there are a lot of old mags out there that never get placed.
  • Sweetp0985

    this is how i felt when i first saw the article they had awhile ago on first i was like hey, aren't these things against the religion and used mostly at birthday parties?...but then later on they came with its a conscience matter if you celebrate it or not....bunch of bull fertilizer is you ask me...

  • swiftbreeze

    i had boxes of old magazines i didnt know what to do with them. at first i felt bad about wanting to throw them away but i just had to because of the clutter. so i just adjusted my magazine intake to 6 each. that gave my family their personal copies and we had a few to place in field service. but we still had a pile up...oh well

  • new boy
    new boy

    Throwing magazines away?

    I worked in the press room. Do you know how many magazines we put in the dumpster in one day? Its paper and ink.

  • Farkel

    For some strange reason, the WTS hasn't learned the most basic rule of publishing: when you are publishing shit, and people begin to quit reading your shit, it's best not to atempt to solve the problem by publishing even worse shit.


  • Qcmbr

    Is the watchtower / awake published online?

  • frankiespeakin


    If they went on line they would save lots of trees. But I'm afraid every one would eventually not read the Awake.

    Hey I just had an idea why doesn't the Awake do every other month online, that way they could set up a counter at thier site to record the visits and also find what places the friends are visiting on the net. Nah they would never do it.

  • Aude_Sapere
    also find what places the friends are visiting on the net.

    This might be a good reason for them to this. Special light. Track just witnesses.

    Maybe eventually they will do this??


  • mkr32208
    I get more spirituality reading Maxim or Cosmo than the Awake.

    Did you see the pics of Rachel Ray in FHM? Now thats spiritual!

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