Does "J" deal with imperfection?

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  • upside/down
    When we blindly believe that a limited-deity gave birth to the un-limited expression of Life and universe, it is impossible for anything to, add up. We can't squeeze truth out of a lie, no matter how hard we try.

    I can live with that. Please note that whenever I refer to God or write it "God", the reason being it's tiresome and woefully inadequate to try and address all the different views of "God" or whatever you want to call "it". So I stick with "God" till a better universal term comes up. I do not believe in the "God" of organized religions... but I do believe in a "God"- however "it" ends up being defined. Hope this makes sense.

    your thought that Jehovah God doesn't deal with us "directly" because we are imperfect, that is not quite accurate nor is it accurately what is taught by Jehovah's Witnesses

    Not entirely accurate... I've had MANY a discussion on this matter with "heavy" Dubs and this IS WHAT THEY TEACH and what I was told to teach to others in "talks" I gave at the Hall. My point is not to argue semantics. Maybe your experience was/is different than mine.

    disciple- maybe I didn't explain myself "I HATE ORGANIZED RELIGION"... including and especially self-righteous "born-again" types! I don't need your dogma anymore. "think in threes"?wtf is that?

    So does J deal with imperfection... and then if He does or doesn't, how do you answer the delimma's this creates?

    u/d (of the refuses to "worship" any deity that can't speak clear and concisely or without riddles class)

  • Narkissos

    A big part of religion (and more generally language and thought) consists in building hierarchical, binary oppositions (sacred/profane, clean/unclean, holy/sinful, immortal/mortal, good/bad, etc.) and then negotiating with them through different kinds of mediations (temple, ritual, sacrifice, revelation, morals). Cultures drift from one dominant dualism to another but rarely escape the very structure...

    (n.b. this is only partly off-topic.)

  • Leolaia

    BTW, about the role of Satan in Job, within the context of the book itself, Satan is a member of the divine council who scouts the earth and observes the actions of men....he functions as an accuser (somewhat like a prosecutor), and in Job 1:9 he states his accusation: "Does Job fear God for nothing?" Satan claims that Job has been living the good life and had no reason to fear him, and Yahweh gives Satan authority (v. 12) to test Job to see if Satan's claim was true. In this text, Satan is not the personification of evil or an enemy of God at all; these are later Jewish concepts. Rather it's just Satan's rather dirty job of testing ppl to see if they are really loyal to God. Here we see Satan more in legal terms with the divine council in view (in the OT, Yahweh is always the judge of the council and sometimes the prosecutor as well), later texts see him more and more as an adversery for his own sake and against God.

  • disciple

    To upside/down,

    disciple- maybe I didn't explain myself "I HATE ORGANIZED RELIGION"... including and especially self-righteous "born-again" types! I don't need your dogma anymore. "think in threes"?wtf is that?

    Please be patient grasshopper, I hate organized religion too, I also am put off by people who post , receive an answer they are not yet aware of and immediately put up their defenses because the answer they perceive is not what they believe, As for being born-again, thank-you, I am glad it shows without me saying it.. Jesus said " You cannot enter the Kingdom of the Heavens without being born again.

    The first birth is necessary for the second birth to occur, but the second birth will not occur unless conception takes place first and takes first place. Jesus spoke in parables for a reason and while I could never achieve in this body what he achieved in his I realize the value of riddles, Actually your post has a riddle in it of which you seem unaware since you obviously do not like riddles ."wtf is that?"

    Riddles have a way of bringing us to a higher plane of existence or at least thought process.

    So if you would like an explanation of the riddle without a condemnation of the messenger I will concede. " Do you want me to explain further what I believe?

  • Qcmbr

    If God has any part in our lives I guess He must deal with it all the time. Jesus saught out the sick and the afflicted and saught to heal them. Were all going home one day and we wont be perfect then so either God only talks to Jesus and non-humans or he totally deals with imperfection - when we pray we pray in the name of Jesus but we pray to God so surely he is responsible for answering.

  • lilbit
    Qcmber, if I follow that reasoning, that would mean we're all fictional! If Job is not real, what makes Satan real? Some say, Adam & Eve are not real, the Bible is not real, if that's the case, then what is?

    Werenot real we are in the matrix this is all a dream.

    Lol sorry yall couldnt resist

  • Golf

    lilbit, I'm glad you caught it. Oh, the world of fantasy.


  • upside/down
    Actually your post has a riddle in it of which you seem unaware since you obviously do not like riddles ."wtf is that?"

    internet shorthand is not a riddle...

    Riddle me this riddle me that.... A choice that "christians" claim is a matter of life and death cannot be hidden in riddles and babylonish confusion. Your "faith" allows you to have a holier than thou attitude which I find repugnant as did Jesus.

    Remember Jesus is going to vomit such out of his mouth...

    If only more "christians" actually acted like Jesus, instead of being such pompous self-rightous assholes. By your works I know you...

    So what was Jesus referring when he mentioned the Pharisees missed the "weighier matters of the Law"? Why don't you work on that and let your "God" be the judge instead of you.

    u/d (of the so many "christians" so few lions, class)

  • disciple

    I forgive you Upside Down

    Will you forgive my sounding self-righteous?


  • upside/down

    Yeah I forgive you (?)

    But what am I in need of forgiveness for. I'm not aware of any willfull worngdoing on my part. Or unwillfull for that matter.

    But if it makes you "feel" better... no sweat. I'm married, and admited guilt for things I never did for 18 years. This is a piece of CAKE!

    u/d (of the "I'm sorry dear it was all my fault (even if it really wasn't) " class)

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