I'm a 4th generation JW with grown children in the org. I left after 38 years and was born again in 99. I still Love Jehovah and of course have believed that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit and have never felt so alive to God's power. I love life now. Before leaving the org., I just felt guilt quite often and yet always so sure I could have an answer for everything. My Dad professes to be of the Anointed since 1974 and as my questions came up I embarked him on many a discussion. His answers (of which many are in letter form) were so long that I lost track of what the question was by the time I finished looking up the scriptures and listening to the reasoning sometimes with doublespeak very similar to the WT. I am oldest of 4 siblings, 2 in the org.- 2 out. I have 3 children (all adults)1 in, 1 out and 1 undecided. Most of my family are still JW's and have shunned me or at least seek me out in no way . I was not only uninvited to my Parents 50th wedding anniversary of which I know most family members and friends would have been there, I was specifically sent a letter advising me not to come and if I did I would be asked to leave. This was before I had made a firm stance against the incomprehensibility of many of the teachings of the witnesses. I still have hopes of God helping me deconvert my family on a one at a time basis. [email protected]