14 year old rejected by father for not becoming jw

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  • avishai

    What a punk. Ask him to relinquish his parental rights.

  • FreedomFrog
    No matter what age a child is when they are rejected by their parents it hurts deeply.

    This is so true. I'm not totally rejected just because I'm not DF'd or DA'd (yet...it's coming)...but they are so close to doing the shunning by treating me so badly that they may as well do it now. It's always a cold feeling to talk with my parents now...and even my siblings.

    My 6 year old son even sees it. He was mad one day that he wanted to talk with grandma...well, I let him and he said "Grandma, I love you, but I'm DFing you and Grandpa because you're DFing mom and dad (AA is DF'd), and then hung up." Ooops, didn't know he was going to do that. We had to have a discussion on being kinder and showing love.

    Anyway, my parents feel that they are doing this out of love. And that's probably what her daddy's doing. The only thing is, he doesn't realize that this will actually push her away from him even more.

    Kids see that there is no...and I mean NO love in this "shunning" thing. It'll hurt him later.

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  • kay

    i think he just want to make it for ur own good. i understand him

  • avishai

    Kay, abandonnig your 14 year old child is neither understandable nor good nor scriptural. However, I will respond to your attitude in a christlike manner. Hugs and a kiss(((kay)))

  • Bryan

    I feel so sorry for you and your family, Kay, if this is what you see as normal.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Es

    This is what upsets me bout parents in the truth. Its supposed to me bout unconditional love and it is not. If my son chooses to be whatever in his life I will be there 100% to support him, even if he decides to become a JW after everything I have told him I will still back him up. Isnt that what parents do? Your daughters ex is not showing the greateast example if you drandaughter ever did want to join. es

  • Alwayshere
    I'm not DF'd or DA'd [yet.... it's coming

    Freedomfrog, I am in the same fix as you.Those who I thought were my friends will not even call to see why I quit going to the meetings but of course they are hearing things about me and will not listen to my side. One of them did offer to but said she wouldn't promise not to tell an Elder what I said so Just told her to forget it because I can't afford to be DF'd. My Daughter will speak to me if I call her or go over her house so I am keeping that as long as I can. I have three grandkids I can still see but I know eventually I am going to lose with that cult. Just hoping something will click and many more will get out. I no what you mean about cold feelings being there. My Daughter said "Please don't make me choose between you and Jehovah." I told her I was not the one making her choose that it was the organization she is in. Nothing you can say just doesn't seem to matter as long as they believe that is God's organization. I feel so bad because I raised her in that mess but guess we all have to live with our mistakes.

  • Country_Woman

    shunning a child for NOT choosing to get babtised ?? crazy.

    that's against their own rules I think....

    Orbison, just tell your granddaughter that her father has been brainwashed and can't help it he is such an idiot... he is just mental weak.....

  • JAVA

    Any parent shunning a child, be it a 14-year old or any age, is nothing more than a non-thinking follower of the Tower. As we know, the Kingdom Halls are full of Brooklyn worshipers.

    Hopefully, the 14-year old will grow up a little better in a normal family without the cult influence of a stupid father.

  • kls

    That (father ) is nothing more then a sperm donor.

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