What was your most embarrassing moments in the " feild service"?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    I know its an old thread, but its fun and educational.

    I had many, but the one that come to mind the most is. THE ORGY!!!

    It was southern Calif. about 1969. I was 20 years old. I was pioneering, it was Saturday morning about noon. I was by myself for some reason, at this door, and this gorgeous women in her late twenties, invites me inside. Well its aways nice to go inside, I couldn't tell looking though the screen, but she had this see through negligee on. When I got inside, there were these 2 guys with only P.Js bottoms on, and 2 other women there. You could tell they just got up. They told me to have a seat on the couch. I should have left, but there was just to much eye candy! Besides I thought these immoral people need "the good news" TOO {I think they got the good news the night before}. Yep!! It was my DUTY to save them from their SIN and debauchery. So I went into my 3 min. presentation. This one gril sat on the couch real close to me. They listened with smiles on there faces, They had to notice, I wasn't always looking into the girls eyes when I was talking. They asked a few questions, like "had I ever had sex"? NO! I said "I was waiting to get married for that privilege" This one guy said "you mean if this beautiful girl setting next to you, wanted to make love to you, you would say NO?"-----------"THATS RIGHT" I said. "Well, son thats just plain stupid! You need to take you------- and your sorry ass religion out of here--------We need to get back to sinning"

    So I got my book bag and left--------------I could still here them laughing, by the time I got to the sidewalk.


  • JH

    Embarrassing moments in the field service, is when I knock on a door, and I know the one who answers......Then I feel ill at ease, for both of us..

    Also, knocking on doors in my neighbourhood......I really hated that.

  • SadElder

    Knocking on the door... any door

  • xjwms

    A little girl answered the door and said ..." My mom will be right here, she's putting in her teeth".

    When the woman came to the door, and SHE SMILED, I had all I could do just to excuse myself.

    I was about 21 years old and a regular pioneer

  • upside/down

    Once in SoCal I was at a homosexual couples house. The dude answered the door and immediately and obviously "sized" me up. Now I know how chicks feel (yuk). Anyway, it was obvious they were going to have a little "fun" with me. The dudette was in the background swishing around in a pink robe and being very flambouyant and feminine. It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. The dude that answered the door was in "dolphin" shorts with a subsiding woody and an evil smirk/grin on his face, and he was built like a "god", and he knew it.

    It was so embarassing as it was obvious we both knew what the other was thinking and were very good natured about it all. It was kinda FUN.

    As we left the door, the elder I was with said- I think that dude was "sweet" on you. Probably so, but embarassing.

    Anyway... I always hated "pounding the pavement" as the old timers phrased it!

    u/d (of the gay guys like me class)

  • Noumenon

    A rather slobbish friend I was working with on the doors decided to let a fart rip, assuming that the householder was out after no reply for a while. Then the door opened.....

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now

    We used to pick up this ancient sister from her nursing home and take her with us for an hour every Saturday morning. We took her with us on a return visit and, while we were inside, she asked to use the householder's bathroom. After we left, we were driving down the road and the old woman started rummaging in her bookbag and pulled out a big bottle of Listerine. Mom said, "Where did you get that?" The old sister told us she'd taken it from the bathroom at that householder's. Mom said, "You can't do that!" The old woman said, "But they had two," and put it back in her bag. From that time on, Mom would pick her up and take her to doctor's offices to put magazines in the waiting rooms and then took her right back to the nursing home.

  • Quentin

    I threw up in a large flower pot once. My mother almost fainted. She did place the mags though.

  • tweety

    I was reg. pioneering and it was a bunch of sisters in my Van. Since we were so close to my house that morning, I asked everyone if they wouldn't mind stopping and having a peice of pie and coffee. Most of the time, I can honestly say my house is very clean. But that morning I didn't make any of the beds and I wasn't sure about the kitchen. I asked if they would please excuse the mess.

    One of the sisters in the back of the Van said, 'Dee we know that you are not a SLUT !'

    SLUT????- I looked at her! She yelled out, 'NOOO, I mean Slob!


  • jeanniebeanz
    What was your most embarrassing moments in the " feild service"?

    Wetting my pants in the car because the old geezer told me I'd just have to hold it for 20 more minutes because he wanted to get in his entire two hours of time and did not want to take a potty break.

    I was four... Never forgave him for that either, he was such a jerk about it too. Something about leather bucket seats or something...


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