Is it ok to be critical of the pope yet?????????

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  • tyydyy
    if you have something to say, just say it. Dont expect a long and glorious thread on the subject today.

    That's exactly what I did. "Glorious thread"? You think I'm looking for glory? I'm expressing myself and my loathing for religion in a forum that should understand the kind of emotion I'm feeling. If you can't respect that, then fine, it's you who's "dishonored" yourself.

    As far as the timing........The pope is not a topic of conversation unless he's dying. There is no better time than the present to talk about him. I don't think anyone here knows him personally or has even had him as a pen pal. If I were standing in front of the Pope's son or daughter I would keep my mouth shut. We are having discussions about all kinds of religious leaders, political leaders, celebrities etc. I never said anything that wasn't at least what I thought to be the truth. I didn't crack jokes. I didn't even make fun of the people who actually believe that what he says is divine.

    What then is the problem? I'll tell you what the problem is. The truth sometimes hurts. If you can't handle the truth then just tune in to CNN and go on with your blissfully ignorant life.


  • tyydyy


    I never said it was about me. It was about someone saying "that's enough". Who or what is it about? There was no other explaination given and the thread was locked after a few were critical of my opinions. What are we supposed to think?


  • Xena
    I never said it was about me. It was about someone saying "that's enough". Who or what is it about? There was no other explaination given and the thread was locked after a few were critical of my opinions. What are we supposed to think?

    It's how things are done here now Tim...been awhile since you posted, eh?

    At least his going is noted by the whole world. Will yours? Now, don't be jealous.
    Well Kenneson...knowing tyydyy I would say while his going might not be noted by the whole world it would be noted and mourned by people who actually know him and appreciate him for the person he is, instead of just grandstanding. To me that would be worth a lot more so I doubt very much he is motivated by jealousy.
  • Carmel

    no accounting for taste.....

  • Valis
    It's how things are done here now Tim

    whatever jump in to "censorship" topics all the time just to insert this same comment. Is it really that big a deal that thread got shut down? Is it? I think some of the moderators might consider there being a difference between criticism and just bad taste. There is nothing stopping anyone from starting a thread for the purpose of criticism and in those threads off topic comments asking the user to silence criticism should be fended off, but I don't think we are dealing with some egregious denial of freedom of speech. Just a small bit of decorum, which by the way may not be the opinion of every forum assistant. Perhaps Englishman thought that thread wasn't the appropriate one for proper criticism and well that IS the way it is sometimes. Not terribly restrictive or something to get freaked out by. There is more than one tack into the wind you know...


    District Overbeer

  • candidlynuts

    you gotta admire a man of power that can be in office as long as the pope was and didnt have any cigar, sex or money scandals!

    i think as ex jw's we go too far in disparaging worldly religious figures. we never learned to respect the works or the faith of other religious people. they were just " dead" or " stupid". its one of the things i've had to work on since leaving jwlalaland..

  • the_classicist

    You may be critical, as long as its a cogent, well-researched arguement and not an ad hominem attack.

  • trevor

    Actually the Pope -God rest his soul - has been dead for some time. Since just before he took office. A dead Pope is less trouble to the Church and can be used like a puppet be guaranteed not to turn to sin and disgrace the Church. It?s cheaper to! They got the idea from ?The Wizard of OZ.?

    God moves in mysterious ways and so did the Pope. The shots we have seen on TV were computer generated from news reels. This is why he always appeared half asleep and mumble his words. I believe the WT will use this method with some of the Governing Body as they run short of the Remnant.

    They used to say it?s all done with mirrors but with Gods spirit in action it all gone digital. Hope this helps!

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now

    Please just keep in mind that "the Pope" is a man as well as an office. John Paul II was just a man with all the same imperfections and failings that all of the people on this planet have, no perfection in him, just someone trying to do what he thought was best with his life. I wish I had the courage and self-discipline to live my life as well as he has lived his. Be as critical as you want so long as you sit with a mirror in front of yourself while you're typing in your comments~and you're honest and factual in your comments.

  • dh


    What makes him so special?

    forget jfk

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