Okay, what made YOUR day ... Enquiring Minds want to know !!!

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  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    missys ferret made my day too! Actually it was able to get to school on time. lol

  • claytoncapeletti

    Waking up to be alive for another day and then going back to sleep for another hour. Thankful I dont have to review for Sunday's Watchtower. Happy that I am my own person and of course my morning smoke..............

  • talesin

    flyin' , el jarocho, and dayton, you have all reminded us of the little things .... that make life so great!!!


  • kls

    Today i fixed my own computer.( Oh you all don't have to kneel down to me ,you are making me blush)

  • talesin

    kls, you are such a smart-ass! We will have to meet in the backroom to discuss your REBELLIOUS ATTITUDE!


  • Shania

    Days almost over, but it was a Diamond Day, UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I talked to mother.............very devot Jw......anyway she was supposed to get me a new OD book. Guess what she told me: YOU HAVE TO GO TO YOUR OWN HALL TO RECIEVE YOUR PERSONAL COPY, BUT FEEL FREE TO COME OVER AND READ MINE IF YOU LIKE. Isn't that nice, she must of talked to an elder who told her to tell me this, because it came out so rehearsed, that is not like her. It iritated me, but oh well I will not be black mailed just to get one.

  • kls

    kls, ass! We will have to meet in the backroom to discuss your REBELLIOUS ATTITUDE!you are such a smart-

    Talesin , i ain't ascared,,,,,,muchyou have to catch me first

  • love11

    Tonight I'm going out with my husband without the kids. I don't know where we're going yet... it's a suprise. I've gotten all ready to go and I caught a glimps of myself in the mirror . I must say, I'm looking pretty fine.

    And an old neighbor called me and we had a good conversation.

  • kaykay_mp

    New episodes of South Park this week!

    "Hey, you smewwy Mongowwians! You crush my shetty waw (city wall)!"

    "Don't kill Kenny! You bastards!"



  • HadEnuf

    Eating breakfast out all by myself (something I NEVER used to do). Having my coffee cup refilled by my personal wait-staff person and reading a good book and having my pain meds kick in!

    Cathy L.

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