I'll be disfellowshipped next week

by sass_my_frass 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • vitty

    Are you sad, or relieved? However you feel this forum can help you. So stick around.

    We try not to judge anyone. Im not DFs, but many here are and will know how your feeling.

    Look forward to your posts

  • tijkmo

    is it deserved...ie are you doing something that you know you shouldnt according to jw standards but you dont wanna give up...or is it for something you regret but they dont believe you are sorry for....if for the former you'll be ok..and you will prob have other friends or workmates you can associate with....if for the latter then it will mess with your head so you have to decide now whether you are going to knuckle under and get reinstated quickly or you will have to come up with some plan of action than replaces eveything and everyone that you have lost...to do nothing and just wait in limbo will mess you up even further

  • lisavegas420

    ((((sass_my_frass)))) .....It's kinda feels like a divorce, ...Even if you are ready for it to be over, and even if you are ready to move on, it still hurts...

    Welcome...I hope you are able to find strengh here. It does get easier with time....Let us help if we can...


  • jula71

    Sass, keep your head and you have come to the right place, much support and friends here. Remember that you are out of an organization run by men, NOT God, so if you believe in God, pray if that brings you comfort. And lastly, do research, not JW research, read all you can about the history, teachings and failed prophecies. Welcome to the board.

  • Bryan

    I hope you can handle the shunning. Most all us know how difficult it is. My best to you, and hope you study the Watchtower from the outside before you get emotionaly drug back in.

    Take care,


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • TheListener

    Sass, welcome to the board. I hope that you are ok and find the comfort you need here on the board. So many have been through this before and are willing to give advice. When you feel like sharing your story please do.

  • Dragonlady76


    It's a blessing in disguise.Don't let them have the satisfaction of treating you like shit, df'ing is a draconian and cruel way to exert control of peoples lives. Keep your chin up.


  • talesin

    It will be okay.

    Feel free to open up if you can ... it's hard for me to reach out, too, but the folks here are really supportive. We do care about you, and I for one, am happy you're here.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    When a door closes, another one opens, or maybe even a window.

    Best wishes in you new roads to travel!


  • AlmostAtheist

    Sass never came back. I hope whoever it is, they're doing ok now. Sad to think of someone DF'd with a resource like this available and not taking advantage of it.


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