I'm so depressed, but I luv you guys ...

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  • Golf

    Cheer-up talesin. Yes, you need a big huggy. Talesin, due to some back problems, I get up every morning and do about 15-20 minutes of stretch exercises with 'deep breathing.' It's a good picker-upper. I thought I would share that with you.

    Have a great day and the best.


  • Brummie

    awww you're far too sweet to be feeling down, come here and let me lick ya toes nails.


    Hope you are feeling better soon kisses


  • Bas

    I think you're a really honest, intelligent and kind person eventhough I've only known you for a short period of time and never met you in the real. You're an Angel but even angels are sometimes short on courage. Hope this helps you a bit and btw I love your posts and comments on everything and I hope you keep making them. Here's a little truth:

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Hey Talesin, big hug from the Big Dog to you!

  • kwintestal

    (((HUGS)))) Do you want company? I have physio from 10-1130 but we could do lunch. I'll bring the last of my chowder. Call me!


  • talesin

    I don't know what to say ... thank you so much!

    Never let them see you sweat -- always be perfect ,,, no, that's not me!

    So I let down my guard last nite, and spilled my guts (a bit), and you peeps all came through for me.

    I went to sleep last nite with the pics of pansies on my screen - needed spring really bad!

    More bad news on my health yesterday, and I guess it was just a bit much to bear (nothing major or life-threatening, not to worry). Having this place has truly been a lifeline for me, and I hope you all know it!

    After reading the rest of this thread this morning, checking my messages, I'm overwhelmed by how you've really come through for me when I needed it.

    {{{{{{{{{{ my peeps! }}}}}}}}}}


  • tijkmo


  • calamityjane

    Hope your feeling better today.


  • bem

    Hey Sugar hope today just keeps getting better for you, And yet another pansie I didn't see this one last night. The blue sky sets 'em off.


  • talesin

    Thank you , bem,

    (ps, I can't see it! )

    Your pics of pansies put a smile on my face last nite, and I won't be forgetting that soon ... !

    xo to you


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