Armageddons coming.

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    When some catastrophe does happen, the human element is ignored and some application to Jehovah destroying the wicked comes to mind. Even the tsunamis generated next to nothing in compassion and mercy from JWs for the tens of thousands that died. This expectation of Armageddon has made several generations of JWs void of human compassion and feeling for their fellow man. Disgusting when you really think about it.

    Forgive me, but these statements bring to mind some pretty disgusting comments my father (longtime, staunch elder) made about the tsunami victims.

    When I asked him if he'd heard about the tragedy, he stated that he'd heard that "some stupid fools" were "stupid enough" to be out there gathering fish after the waters receded, right before the waves hit. He stated that "those fools should have known that something was wrong and tried to run." I was shocked into silence; I guess it did not matter that many of "those fools" were children intrigued by the colors of fish not normally seen in shallow waters.

    I can't help but wonder if they'd still be considered "fools" if they'd been JW's in good standing. You stated exactly what I have been trying to articulate for some time. I was saddened to hear such a comment from my father.

    No human love/compassion/empathy at all--how unlike Jesus is that? It gets more and more difficult to relate to my JW family as normal people as time goes by.

    The "fulfillment of Bible prophecy" staunches any human empathy for others. Truly disgusting.

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    I could only read no more than 3 of the above anecdotes, very funny... well now

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