Armageddons coming.

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  • candidlynuts


    oh boy! THIS IS IT! proof prophecy has been fulfilled? the great tribulation has begun? Babylon the great has fallen? WHAT?

    "this meeting is to announce Jehovah's loving provision of not charging for the magazines anymore so that more people can be reached"

    "this meeting is to announce that no longer will the magazines be provided thru subscription we will lovingly provide publications delivered by hand so that all can be reached"

    " this meeting is to announce that thru Jehovahs loving kindness thru his organization the awake magazine will only be published once a month"

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! by the time armageddon gets here everyone will pray to be destroyed!

  • vitty

    Candy, I remember that announcement

    I was so embarrist when 120 people attented, usually its about 60,

    They had gone round scaring every non- active and sitting on the fence person they could find, the hall was buzzing that night. But you could actually hear the groan at the end when all it was, was the no charge for mags.

    What a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...I was baptised at 13 years old in 1969...and remember talking to my parents about the "persecution" ; and should we be hiding and stockpiling food. I took it all so very seriously.....could I withstand the persecution ? ( what the hell ever it was; I had to survive it)

    My older sister was "addicted" to neo senefrin nose spray and could not breathe without it. She began fretting; thinking that at the persecution she might be tied up and have her mouth duct taped and would not be able to breath! this caused her to stockpile extra bottles of the stuff.

    in hindsite ...this is too funny; you can't make this stuff up!

    Well, the persecution NEVER came; am I surpised? What a bunch of nutcases we sounded like....

  • FairMind

    Back in the middle to late 1970’s after I had been removed as an elder and become pretty much inactive I had an Armageddon scare. A US military rocket had released a gas filled balloon at about 100 miles altitude. It was approaching twilight as the balloon burst and caused a spectacular display of spreading brightness. I, by chance, was looking skyward when this happened and I almost swallowed my heart, thought that I has just witnessed the sign of the son of man appearing in the heavens. FairMind

  • Nosferatu

    Thunderstorms were especially bad for me. My mother would encourage my fear and say "You never know, this storm could be the start of Armageddon!"

    Ever since I left, my fear of thunderstorms has gone, and I'm incredibly fascinated with them.

    "Honey, I'm going outside to watch the storm"

    "Okay dear, just don't get struck by lightning"

  • steve2

    I used to fear that Armageddon would strike during one of my increasingly frequent troubled and doubting periods of time. I can imagine what my thoughts would have been had it struck back then: "Darn it! Why did it have to happen now and not during the recent big assembly that had me all buoyed up and keen to start all over again!"

  • undercover

    Do you see the pattern here? No matter our age, most of us have some point in our life where we feared the Big A was starting. Vietman, The Gulf War, 9/11, Reagan and the Cold War, weird weather. This shows the control the WTS had on us. We saw a fierce thunderstorm and in the back of our mind the word Armageddon is lurking. The Gulf War started and we wondered, "will this lead to Armageddon?". Sept. 11 happened and many, many JWs basically said, "told ya so", when in fact it wasn't Armageddon, it is was terrorists. JWs look around every corner expecting to see Armageddon but nothing is ever there. When some catastrophe does happen, the human element is ignored and some application to Jehovah destroying the wicked comes to mind. Even the tsunamis generated next to nothing in compassion and mercy from JWs for the tens of thousands that died. This expectation of Armageddon has made several generations of JWs void of human compassion and feeling for their fellow man. Disgusting when you really think about it.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I still react very strongly to loud noises, thunderstorms, and natural disasters. My husband can't understand when I hear a loud noise I jump and scream. He says "Good God! You don't have to make such a scene" He was never a Witness, and I don't think he understands the profound fear that invaded my life from the time I was 4 til I was 20. From 1968 to 1975, I was very very worried about being killed and it really sunk into the depths of my psyche. My Mother wouldn't let me get baptized because she said I wasn't spiritually mature enough. Thank heavens for that.

    I have been diagnosed with PTSD, and one of the symptoms is the startle reaction. I go into overdrive when a loud noise surprises me: my reflexes, I believe are very, very good. I seem to always be on constant alert or something. When those stupid black helicopters fly over our ranch, I get queasy. When we were in New York last year, every time a taxi cab honked I would scream. When the Tsunami hit, I kept thinking those insane thoughts at the back of my mind.

    I was talking to my Mother one day and I said that I had PTSD. She asked what it was. I said it was a psychological disorder that one gets when exposed to prolonged, and extreme, stress. She asked me where I thought I was exposed to prolonged stress. I told her that it was having the pressure of the Organization's belief that we were all going to die in 1975 if we weren't baptized, etc. She just said "Oh." Hmm.. can't tell about that. Unfortunately, I'm an ultra-sensitive person and things like that really affected me in the most extreme ways. Ways that can't even be comprehended in their entirety.


  • glitter

    One year we were at the beach and as we were going back to the caravan, the sky was dark but the sunset was still showing and it was *blood red* - the deepest red sunset I've ever seen, interspersed with rolling black clouds - looked very odd. Mum said she thought it was Armageddon. I was scared that she said that. We went back into the caravan and mum seemed to immediately forget all about it - we got ready for bed and played dominoes. :)

  • lilybird

    I remember one young pioneer sister who was also concerned about her looks. This was in the mid's 70's , when Armeggedon could strike at any time, She quite seriously told me that she was trying to get used to her eyebrows not being plucked in case in the great tribulation she would be imprisoned and wasn't able to pluck her eyebrows,, oh Pleeeeeeeeeeezz

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