2005 Barbecue Is Definitely On!

by Englishman 276 Replies latest jw friends

  • cruzanheart

    You know, this just MIGHT be possible!!!!!


  • Englishman

    Nina said:

    You know, this just MIGHT be possible!!!!!

    That would be great! Valis is making grunting noises too, so it looks like we'll have another USA contingent as well.


  • GermanXJW

    This sounds great, E-man.

    Unfortunately, avengers cannot make it this year but I am thinking about coming with my wife.

    Anyone staying at the camping site again?

    I noticed that http://www.hlx.com is flying to Coventry but I would go by my own car (How else should I carry good German beer?)

  • frenchbabyface

    England is not that far dammit I just don't know if I can plan 2 Appostofests in a row by now !

  • Englishman

    OK, so we have a few tentatives in!

    We had 50 - 60 last year plus a few goodwill from the pub. This year our spare room has been provisionally snaffled by Maverick, however the B & B's posted on the first page are mainly within a couple of minutes of our place.

    Will Simon be there again this year? If he is there, will he do his Elvis impression? Will he be deleted before he gets here? These and other fascinating questions will be answered right here!


  • Gadget

    Count me and Faolan in, the last two were great!

  • Celia

    I may just be there too.... The more I think about it, the more I'd like to be at EMan's barbecue and meet all those posters.... I'm trying to put a travel plan together.... Fly into Heathrow, take the bus to Weston-super-Mare, crash at a B&B... that's Friday the 8th... Go to the party on Saturday the 9th.... Bus back to Heathrow the next day and fly to my final destination in France.... Or.... where does the train from Britain to France leave? You know the one under the Channel? Take the train to Paris, and as my kid will be with me, see some of Paris and then the TGV to my final destination in the South-East of France... Now I just have to look at times and schedules....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well count us in! We're coming!!

    Jennie's bouncing she's so excited.

    I can't wait.


  • OldSoul
    Englishman: so this years BBQ will be held on Saturday, July 9th

    Mayhaps the wife will be far enough out by then for us to attend. It sounds wonderful, so long as you promise not to make me eat any meat pies with nasty, ferrous oxide-tinged, nubbly things in them. Always wanted to holiday in the U.K.


  • Simon
    Well count us in! We're coming!!

    Jennie's bouncing she's so excited.

    I can't wait.

    Yay !!

    Look forward to seeing you all again.

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