2005 Barbecue Is Definitely On!

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  • ballistic

    I'll be in residence at the Hotel Balmoral. The lady of Albany Lodge was somewhat astonished to find she was inundated that weekend, whereupon I informed her, "Mike's having a BBQ", and all became clear.

  • love2Bworldly

    Englishman--do you do this every summer? I have always wanted to go to England and can't this year, but may be able to swing it next year.

  • Englishman
    Englishman--do you do this every summer? I have always wanted to go to England and can't this year, but may be able to swing it next year.

    Yup! We try to do something a bit different every year. We've had Irish folk, Norwegian wood and Witness poteen, next year we might try bottle walking. I'm hoping that we'll do the dance of the flaming assholes this year. Englishman.

  • Celia
    ...Dance of the Flaming Assholes...

    I googled that.... couldn't find any good explanation.... What is awaiting us in Weston, good Gracious !

  • ballistic

    Celia, I'm afraid to say I am none the wiser. I have seen some dancing at Mikes BBQs, but very little flaming and absolutely no assholes!

  • ballistic

    Change of plan, I'm no longer at the Balmoral, qwerty upgraded rooms leaving a single one at the Albany for me.

  • TruckerGB

    Ballistic, and the rest of you guys that have borrowed my floor.

    I have just caught up with this.

    Sorry guys, but I already have my 'friend' from Lithuania over that week, and as the BBQ will be her last night here, I'm sure you understand that I will be busy..

    See you all at the BBQ though.


  • Englishman

    Just heard that Norm, Kent and May-Britt are arriving on the 8th of July so as to get primed in good time for the barbie.

    Also, our ex-pat American, Sherri, is coming too.

    I'll add some directions to the thread shortly.


  • Englishman

    OK, here we go!

    This map might help.

    Leave M5 at Junction 21.

    Follow signs along the A 370 to Weston super Mare Town Centre. Don't be sidetracked by signs pointing the way to the beach until you are in the Town Centre or you'll be re-routed gawd knows where.

    Keep going over umpteen roundabouts, past Focus, over the Hildesheim Bridge, past Tesco which is on the right until you see the Town Hall allmost in front of you at the double mini-roundabout. NOW follow the signs to Sea Front /Beach.

    Turn left once you're on the sea front. Past the Grand Atlantic Hotel. My road is a little way along on the right.

    Have fun!


  • Matty

    If I was still in the UK nothing would stop me from coming, but unfortunately things have been tough financially over here and we still haven't managed to get the money or vacation time to go back to England.

    When me and Carol manage to get back to the UK expect a call!

    Lots of love to you and her Ladyship!

    Matty & SpiceItUp

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