Strange day

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  • harleyquinn

    i would tend to agree with jeannie....sounds like an anxiety attack or panic attacks...i get those under extreme stress or pressure and have had similiar experiences to what you are describing.....and if you are expecting a child and looking for a new job, those could be stress triggers...not all stress is husband recently got approved for a major surgery and i spent last weekend much like what you a massive panic attack....perhaps the barking just was the last straw in your head....

    try some natural remedies for sleep...and definately a massage or hot bath should help you try to relax....

    hope you feel better and are able to get some sleep and relaxation....

  • czarofmischief

    Hm. That would make a lot of sense. I tend not to feel things the way other people seem to, so maybe I am reacting to the stress even though I'm not really aware of it???

    FHN - thanks for the pic. I can see it. I will definitely give it a try. Is it okay for pregnant women? How about pregnant men?

    jeannie, that sounds EXACTLY like what happened to me today! I could feel nothing and it was like my legs were on autopilot. They just kept going! I was like the Energizer bunny or something.

    harley, thanks for the smooch and advice. Your husband is going for major surgery? I hope all goes well. What is he getting done? I'll check and see if you posted about it somewhere else (I miss a lot on this board).


  • Eyebrow2

    Czar, You are suffering from PTPS... or Post Traumatic Patriots Syndrome. Very common up there in Pittsburgh this time of year I hear. Just kidding...sorry die hard Pats fan here...couldn't help myself. You are not going crazy. You have a lot of responsibility, and you are doing what you can to meet it. Hang in there, try to get some sleep...take your vitamins, take care of your health. My husband seemed to go through something very similiar when I was pregnant with our first child together, and he was out of a job. It is a lot of stress, and natural for you to sometimss feel like this. Just remember that you won't always be in this position, and that if you keep plugging away, you will be fine. =)

  • czarofmischief

    Eyebrow, I WAS right next to Heinz Field when I started freaking out.

    I wish I had something to say, but we were so bad that day I just have to nod and say, Congratulations, you were the better team that day. We played terribly, except for about eight minutes in the third quarter.

    Ah well, I will watch the Superbowl and pray for a concussion inducing sack on your prettyboy Brady.

    (Seriously, he was just ON that day. You guys are pretty lucky.... see you next year!)


  • bikerchic

    czar first of all congrats on the impending little one! You're going to love being a daddy, kids are the best!

    Here is a product I got off the gnc web site too. One I use as a sleep aid because most of my restlessness comes from sore achy muscles:

    • Helps promote restful sleep.*

    • Sleep deprivation can lead to low energy, low concentration, impaired memory, muscle soreness and lack of patience.

    • The botanical species of Fingerprinted? herbs are positively identified by the sophisticated Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) technology.

    • TLC verification method is as accurate and reliable for identifying true herbal species as human fingerprinting.

    • Whole ground herb is minimally processed; dried and pulverized.

    • Each capsule contains 500 mg of Valerian Root.

    I just bought some from Target for $3.95 it's probably cheaper from Target than gnc, but I'm not sure of that. You can get it most anywhere they sell herbs and vitamins. One caution is to start with only one capsule and see how it works for you, you may need two but don't overdo it. For me one is a 12 hour haze......if I need to be up and running like 7 ish in the am I take it no later than 6 pm. Also it is very stinky like gross smelly foot odor and according to the herb book the smellier the fresher the product is so don't be taken aback by the smell. You won't smell when you take it, at least I don't think so.

    When is the bambino due? Or is it a bambina? Congrats again!


  • FlyingHighNow
    I will definitely give it a try. Is it okay for pregnant women? How about pregnant men?

    It doesn't say anything on the bottle but keep out of reach of children. I'd ask her doc to be sure.

    I mentioned on the other thread that if you have allergies, they can trigger panic attacks. I had them for years and had no clue they were caused by allergies. Then I kept getting them every spring and fall. These are different from plain old anxiety attacks. I used to get panic attacks and I would have to get up and run outside for air. I felt claustrophobic and it seemed like the universe itself wasn't big enough to make me feel like I wasn't closed in.

  • jeanniebeanz

    This is another real good one. It helps you sleep, and has a muscle relaxant in it. Many chiropractors recommend this for people with stress and or soft tissue injuries.

    Take care.


    edited to add; not for pregnant ladies, but pregnant dads can take them.

  • czarofmischief

    July 26 is the due date. Not sure if I can be expecting a prince or princess, but either way, firstborn gets the throne when I'm done with it.

    Seems that Valerian root gets the JWD endorsement. It looks like the active ingredient in the stuff from GNC, too.

    Foot odor? Can I just smell my own feet instead of dropping four bucks on this stuff?

    Thanks everybody for taking me seriously.


  • FlyingHighNow
    Seems that Valerian root gets the JWD endorsement. It looks like the active ingredient in the stuff from GNC, too.

    Czar, the way I discovered Sleep Formula was that I went to GNC to buy more of that same Valerian she posted above. It's some of the best I've tried. The clerk there recommended the Sleep Formula and so I tried it instead. I really like the sleep formula because it has other herbs that help to relax you and help you get sleepy. The valerian is good for anytime. I have found some better herbal combinations for anxiety and that overwhelmed feeling you can get when you worry. I have taken these for months now and I feel so much calmer. I can think more clearly. My memory is better. I have tried everything there is, including making my own combinations. Nothing has worked as well as these two combinations. They aren't expensive either. I order them off line. I search for the best deal and then order them.To read more about them check out this website. They also increase your attention span and come in syrups for children.

  • FlyingHighNow
    Hm, I wonder if I am allergic to dogs?


    You could be. Do you get better when you aren't around dogs or certain dogs and then feel worse when you are with the dogs again? I have lately developed an allergy to cats. Yikes.

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