FreedomFrog needs some support, please. Her parrot died. :-( ::::

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  • bikerchic


    What a pretty bird Cheeko was and sounds like quite an entertainer too.

    I have two parakeets and even though they have bonded to each other more than to me I'm in tune with their habits and needs and they are in tune with mine. It's really quite funny I wonder sometimes who keeping who. My oldest bird Scooter is 4 this spring and from what I understand they don't live much past 4 years, I dread the day.

    Her first companion died shortly after I got him and he was such a character and I cried the day he died and still miss him, so I know how much you will miss your friend Cheeko, chin up! Remember the good times.


  • outbutnotdown

    Sorry to hear about your loss, Gina. I find pet lovers are always beautiful people. Thinking of you.


  • FlyingHighNow
    I know she's in a better place. Or at least for the moment I have to believe it for now.

    Of course she is. I'm not a bible believer, but I kind of like to believe that scripture about not one sparrow falling to ground without God's knowledge. I think whoever put us here cares about the helpless creatures of the animal kingdom.

    That's the saddest, sweetest bird obituary/memorial I have read.

  • LittleToe

    It was the stress of the JC, wasn't it? B*st*rds!!!

    Which reminds me of the reply to "where do all the calculators go?" - which is , of course, "silicon heaven".

    (I'm battling not to quote the Monty Python "Parrot sketch", but in the interests of common decency I'll just say "condolences").

  • Angharad


    Cheeko was lovely, sorry for your loss

  • Country_Woman

    ((( Gina )))

    I am sorry Cheeko died. Your sorrow is "fresh" at the moment - but believe me this pain will pass too.

    I know from experience: I 've lost my dog Leska a few weeks ago. And having more pets then just this one, does'nt make a difference.....

    Pets are having such a short lifetime we, their owners, always have to say "good bye" to them. Knowing this, does'nt make it easier.


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