"Are you old in this system?" Feb 2015 broadcast video. Must watch

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    And did you notice, this is the second time these WT videos have used the parable of the poor widow contributing to the temple from her want.  

    The first slimy time they used this parable was only last month -- to encourage a poor single-parent family who had only a bit of rice to eat, yet mom and the kids were still encouraged to do and give all they could to "Jehovah".  

    And they are using this same parable yet again, to encourage an old, tired, faithful sister to keep doing more and giving more.  They are leeches, parasites, soul-sucking vampires!  And they try to make everybody behave that way toward everybody else too.  

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks for the direct link, wifibandit.

    There is that huge elephant in the room.  What a waste of her life, and now those like this lady are being pressured by the video to consider making younger JW's feel guilty for not doing the same thing.

    Showing a younger JW contemplating college or pioneer service is such a guilt trip to slip into the video.

    What needed to be said was "You can encourage a young one now, tell a young sister how you wish you had done something different and had some savings in your old age.  Help her to tear up that pioneer application and apply to that college."

  • Oubliette

    "The congregation is very loving!" - 59:20 - 59:25"

    Two people that you can't even see some by and give this poor old sister a quick pat on the back and walk away without any audible conversation. The whole thing lasts less than six seconds.

    It's so weird the way the WT can make a statement and people believe without any evidence. 

    The manipulative appeal to emotions is so apparent.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great points OTWO and Oubliette!

    It is not even veiled manipulation....it is blatant and smacks the viewer in the face!

  • baldeagle

    This elderly sister is reminiscing about her life. It’s interesting that she says to herself, “I never imagined I would be this old in this system of things. Time goes by so fast. I’m on the infirm pioneer list.” Camera next shows you her field service report of 15 min.

    It’s quite clear that all the older ones born back in the 1930’s (if still alive) are feeling a tremendous amount of loss and trepidation. That sinking and horrible realization is upon them, that they will not enter Paradise in the “upright” position. I know several devout JW friends’ old timers’ who truly self-sacrificed and worked hard for the WTS. They have expressed this terrible acknowledgement; they are disheartened, confused but too heavily invested to go elsewhere. Their life is nearing its end. Truly sad, and heartrending.

    But leave it to the old shameful WTS to give these older ones a purpose of encouraging young ones to forgo higher education for pioneering. This must be a huge organizational problem for the WTS leaders, that they have to constantly demonize going to college on such a regular basis. It would at least cause one to conclude that this campaign of vilifying higher education is falling on deaf ears. The relentless, unyielding disparaging remarks on extra education must clearly indicate a profound refusal from young ones in listening to any of this crap from the GB.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    That video makes me feel sad ,and angry . I have an elderly JW Aunt ,and Uncle that have sacrificed their whole married lives to the JW organization . Now they are elderly ,and infirm ,and poor. I received a letter from my Aunt last week with the new JW.org tract tucked inside . She raved about how wonderful the new website is ....but then she lamented that she ,and my Uncle can't afford all the new techno gadgets .They do not have a computer or internet ,she mentioned how left out they feel when others at the hall are clicking away on their fancy phones or tablets .  They too never thought they would see old age in the system of things .
  • prologos

    The only good thing about using the parable of the widows mite is , that she gave, but it was guaranteed that the object of her generosity (the temple arrangement) would be gone in one generation,- non overlapping.        contribute to wt at your own risk. and                                                                                                                                                 Yes I am old in this system, probably older than the "sister" pioneering as needgreater in the 50s, but now thriving as never before, , -- freely.   

  • Oubliette

    baldeagle: This must be a huge organizational problem for the WTS leaders, that they have to constantly demonize going to college on such a regular basis.

    It is.

    I personally know three JW families with teenagers in high school. Two of the three families are intending to send their kids to college.


  • rebel8

    a chunk of thawed uncooked fish wrapped in tinfoil.. 

    Sad. He probably caught it while enjoying himself on his boat.

    Too bad she doesn't have Jesus' magic turn-a-fish-into-fishes basket.

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