MJ Prediction thread..all prophets apply...

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  • Mary
    When Michael Jackson was asked by Martin Bashir if he had sexually molested children, his denial was so categorical and convincing that I had no doubt he was telling the truth. Unfortunately, he claimed in an equally convincing manner that he had only ever had two face-lifts.

    Exactly......he also claims that he doesn't bleach his skin........ya, all black guys eventually turn white eh? It's hard to tell if he's guilty or not. I figure it's somewhere in between. While I can't see him actually raping a child, I can definitely see him doing things like kissing them on the mouth, touching them in areas that he shouldn't..........regardless, I hope the judge orders Michael to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CHILDREN!!! He should be ordered to undergo counselling and mental therapy for at least a year, as his perspectives on everything from his image to grabbing his crotch every 5 seconds is warped.

    MJ is a perfect example of what happens when someone who is emotionally stunted has access to unlimited wealth and is surrounded by a bunch of ass kissers who shield them from reality and responsibility of their own actions: the combination is disastrous........Elvis is another example.

  • Mecurious?

    Elvis is another example.

    Mind your manners!

    Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll Dammit!


  • M.J.

    I will be acquitted of all charges. Thank you for your support.

  • MegaDude

    Elvis was also the King of Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches. lol.

  • buffalosrfree

    Mary, exactly, he is emotionally stunted, but as far as guilty goes, if he is and I believe that he is, I hope he gets to meet his new husband in prison and get some return on what he has done to young children. a trip down memory lane so to speak.

    What is irksome is the fact that these people when in prison are protected, i believe they should be in the regular prison population so they can enjoy all the benefits of thier crimes and suffer, or enjoy, which ever the case may be, the fruits of thier labors.

  • xjw_b12
    MJ is a perfect example of what happens when someone who is emotionally stunted has access to unlimited wealth and is surrounded by a bunch of ass kissers who shield them from reality and responsibility of their own actions: the combination is disastrous........

    Add Howard Hughes to that list.

  • happyout

    I believe he will be found guilty, because he has already been tried in the court of public opinion, and lost.

    I don't believe he molested this particular boy. This child and his family went on TV emphatically denying any wrongdoing on Michael's part, and saying how much he did for them, then a short time later, they accuse him of molesting the boy whose life they said he saved. Add into that all the scams the family has already pulled, and they just aren't believable.

    I think MJ is mentally unstable, but I'm totally uncoinvinced that he's a pedophile.

    Happyout - just voicing my opinion

  • FairMind

    I think MJ is a pedophile. He may or not be guilty in this case but my prediction is he will be found not guilty. If MJ is actually a pedophile he will be in trouble later as these offenders do not (cannot) stop what they do. They must be stopped by circumstances like prison, drugs, surgery or death.


  • 144001

    Our legal system isn't perfect; none in the world are. But I think it's the best in the civilized world, and those who constantly bash on it ought to visit a country with a totalitarian government to see the differences. In the USA, the burden is on the prosecution to prove a criminal defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Those who cite the OJ case as an example of the failure of our legal system need to recognize that the prosecution was incompetent and failed miserably in almost every respect. Although OJ's money helped him considerably, it was the attorneys who prosecuted the case who were responsible for its outcome.

    Personally, I feel sorry for MJ. His childhood was pure hell, and in many ways worse than what most of us who were raised in the lie that is falsely represented as the "Truth" experienced. In fact, I read one of his speeches in which he told the audience how much he enjoyed wearing a disguise and going out in field service, as it was his only chance to see kids living a normal life. HIs childhood was stolen by show biz, much like many of our childhoods were stolen as the result of a cult's coercive influence on our parents. Nevertheless, if a jury convicts him of the crimes he is charged with, he should pay the price like any other convicted felon.

    Rarther than engage in uninformed speculation regarding the outcome of his trial, I'll sit back and wait to hear what the jury says.

  • Sunspot

    At first I thought that the charges were all about extortion. As things went on, it began to look as though that there was a good chance that some of the allegations were true, but I remain unconvinced that it is so cut and dried.

    I would have said (at one time) that there was no way that he had acted inappropriately (other than having the boys in his bedroom and spending the night) and he was acting on the loss of his childhood between being a JW and his Dad pushing them to perform. He was the most popular of the group and was the cash cow for Papa for many years.

    I don't think that his money will play an important part in the trial or in the deliberations. The subject is much too sensitive and emotional to fall back on that premise,( or so I think).

    With the new info being leaked out---it certainly *looks* bad for him, but I still lean more to the side that he is innocent and will be found as such. We shall see.


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