JW's say they don't have a clergy class, whay do you think?..

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  • Emma
    Special Pio's: $$$

    I think these folks get the raw end of the deal. They get a special name and about $400 a month, not even close to enough money to live on. They still have to have a job plus get in all those awful hours.


  • proplog2


    I would never want to work as hard as a circuit overseer for a one bedroom apartment over a kingdom hall and a buick. Lobster and steak? With boring strangers trying to act "theocratic".

    Circuit overseers are freaks of nature.

  • TheEdge

    Blimey UncleBruce - That's a list and a half. I don't remember ANYTHING in the Scriptures about a hierarchy - I must have missed a few Watchtowers.

  • upside/down

    p2- Maybe you wouldn't, but I knew guys that lived for it. They would claw their way to the top.They couldn't make it in the "real" world and so clung tooth and nail to their goal of making the circuit work. Honest to "God" what did they do? Some were good speakers some sucked, but what did they do? Anything?

    Hard work my ASS. My best friend in the whole wide world was in the Circuit work and he said it was the EASIEST gig ever! They even have replacements if they are sick. They have absolutely no "production" req's. They pass off all "big" probs to the local body or the WTS. They are upper-middle management. The cushiest job their is. No one questions them and they are "God".

    No different than any other "minister" of any "church" out there. And trust me they are given BANK in the form of gifts!

    Speical Pio's really do get the short end of the stick, but hey- it's a VOLUNTEER org. right?


  • M.J.

    Randy Watters' response to JWs not having a "paid clergy class" in the article http://www.freeminds.org/doctrine/respond.htm:

    In 1 Cor. 9:15 Paul said that he did not take advantage of his right to receive money for his services. Yet, he makes it clear to the selfish Corinthians that a shepherd of the flock has the God-given right to do so, even allowing for a wife to be supported as well! Jehovah's Witnesses totally ignore verses 3-14, where Paul concludes by saying, "In this way, too, the Lord ordained for those proclaiming the good news to live by means of the good news." (NWT)


    Additionally, the Watchtower believes in appointing bishops and deacons, which they have renamed as "overseers" (or, elders) and "ministerial servants," discarding the more accurate Greek designations of presbyters, bishops, and deacons. Even the Watchtower has recognized that in a technical sense, only these are truly ministers; though they have gone back and forth on this teaching. Some of those appointed by the Governing Body are paid by the organization, namely, the Circuit and District Overseers and missionaries, as well as members of the Bethel Families. HOW MUCH they are paid is not the issue. The issue is, these men are "appointed to the office of overseer" by the Governing Body and some are PAID.

  • mkr32208

    Is it just me or does this thread seem to have a lot of anger going on?

    As to having a great standard of living... I dont think so... I've known too many CO's and DO's! The CO that I was really close too (he gave my wedding talk!) had sold a very profitable business so he could go into the "work" his lifestyle dropped dramaticly when he went into the work full time! Compare how the CO's do to the church leaders in mainstream churches... It don't compare! This guy could give talks too! People would come from MILES around to hear him speak the man has a gift! So don't say they all do so well cause some really do this CRAP out of love... misguided love but love none the less!

    All that aside they are a PAID clergy the amount they are PAID is inconsequential the reality is they are paid...

  • upside/down

    That's the premise of this whole site!

    Anger, here... naaah!


  • metatron

    I would say that JW's have SOME paid clergy ( the C.O.'s). They need more! ( and more professionalism, as well)

    The C.O.'s aren't well paid - but they are paid clergy, by any fair definition. As for the clergy part, the Society is flat out

    lying about this. They tell the friends that they have no clergy and then demand 'clerical privilege' in the courtroom!


  • upside/down

    here here...

    those f*ckers claimed "clergy privilege" when I NEEDED them to keep custody of my kids.

    bunch of flip-flops (ie.hypocrites)


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...they will not admit to it , but those of us who have "been there", know that there is a "class" distinction between those that hold positions and those that do not.

    There is also; from what I remember, elitism that would make your head spin....

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