Jehover's Witness on Discovery Health channel last night -- No Blood

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  • TD
    Tonight after work I will look into creating a download for it.

    If you have the time and inclination, that would be very much appreciated.

  • palantir

    This program ("The Critical Hour: To Live or to Die") is on Discovery Health again on Jan 29th at 7.00pm (ET). Check for further info. -palantir-

  • Mary
    What was odd was that the husband seemed to have an odd smirk on his face as he took advantage of the opportunity to "make a fine witness" in front of the cameras. The man's wife was dieing and all he could do was grin and keep talking to the cameras about blood

    Ya, he's probably grinning thinking that if his wife dies, he'll be able to ask out that sister in the Hall who's young enough to be his daughter. This disgusts me to know end. I'm sure the GB would have made this a conscience matter years ago, if they weren't so worried about having their asses sued off for Wrongful Death. Dumb jerkoffs. I tore up my blood card last year.........

  • frankiespeakin

    Indoctrination is what can make a person very insensitive.

    As a JW you beleive the whole world is going to be destroyed by God,, even little babies,,, and in their minds they have accepted this as OK some even joke about it and talk about it with a certain type of excitement over gory details. Life to the "Jehovah" of the bible is cheap and can be snuffed out for disrespect towards his person or certain types of uncleaness. Should not a person who draws close to this cruel "god" have some of his traits rub off on to him??

    That to me explains why this type of indoctrination destroys love or at least chramps it to be very narrow.

  • observador

    "Tonight after work I will look into creating a download for it."

    That would be very nice of you, Elsewhere.


  • candidlynuts

    discovery . com has a lot of discussion boards.. there may be a discussion going on about this program. i'll check and get back to you.

    no discussion board for that show.. heres the link to the page that shows show times and i think a video preview of the show.

  • Elsewhere

    I have done some quick-n-dirty editing to keep the video file small and to the point. I have only included the parts of the Discovery Health program that are about the JW blood issue.

    The beginning of the video has a pause that lasts a few seconds, so be patient and it will start. I'm no video editor.

    Click Here to start the download. File size: 42 MB

    It really is very sad to watch? this elderly man is loosing his wife and all he can do is sit there and watch it happen.

    I wonder if he thinks back with regret? I wonder if he lies in bed at night wondering if what he believes is really true or if he has been deceived and his wife died for nothing.

  • nilfun

    Why were they dressed in suits and nametags? Did the accident happen around assembly/convention time?

    Very sad situation Very frustrating to watch

  • GetBusyLiving

    I just watched that. It made me sick. I can't belive the bloodguilt this organization is responible for.. this is insanity.

  • Will Power
    Will Power


    I wonder if the husband was hoping it would be like the stories passed around about the one who stuck it out, but came thru. Guess either way the congregation on up will be proud of him.

    I hope he has other family to look after him.

    " explained in the scriptures" or whatever he said - Where is that explained again? and Why wasn't factions an option in this case? Was the husband really informed?

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