Did I challenge my JW husband too much?

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  • wordlywife

    LT thanks so much, you have been a great help. I enjoy all of your posts.

    If that is you in the avatar you look like a fine man. :) (but then I have Scots blood in me partly, perhaps I'm biased)


  • frenchbabyface

    finally we talked last night and remarkably have come to agreement
    Cool, best wishes for the future WF !!!
  • wordlywife

    Merci, French Beauty-


  • sf
    And, as far as the new baby goes, we will share in takin gturns with bringing child to KH and my church.

    Am I the only one who finds this a bit disturbing?


  • barry

    Just a comment about that 'one ' or 'ones' talk. Ever heard the queen talk well she uses those terms I just thought they may be teaching the "Queens english at the KH now.

  • jwbot

    worldlywife, I am glad you have been able to talk on this somewhat. Giving ones partner the cold sholder is childish and does not solve anything...I am so glad he finally talked!

  • jgnat

    I am more worried now.

    You are in a relationship with a man who has deep problems from his childhood and has trouble communicating. It looks like you have adjusted to his 'moods'. How well has he adjusted to you? This is sounding more and more like an abusive relationship, whether or not he has ever hit you.

    I talked about addressing the real man, instead of the "Put on" man. But in his case, he must be a man of layer upon layer of masks. He couldn't be vulnerable as a child, he would have been hurt. He cannot dare show his real self at the Kingdom Hall, they would reject him. Probably the structure and security of the JW life is better than he has ever known.

    Boy, it is going to be hard showing him there is a third way.

    Is there any chance you two can take up a mutual hobby or interest on a non-Kingdom Hall night? Would he do it in the interests of your relationship?

  • frenchbabyface

    WF .. thank you

    As for those who are worrying

    I think they just need a compromise by now ... (apparently WF is pregnant if I'm not mistaken) ... their's no emergency right now to get any point traight ... better take it step by step with more knowlegde on JW matters (maybe from this forum) ... the emergency was to be able to communicate and agreeing to disagree ... which is good enough by now (she don't need to go through to much emotions while she's pregnant I think)

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