Why did I leave after 50 yrs a JW

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  • Sunspot

    **I feel my life has been wasted, taken from me, yes I am bitter, I still lose sleep over it often, but I am slowly starting to feel a heavy weight has been lifted from my back.

    Welcome Londoner,

    You speak for many of us! I gave 30 years to the WTS too, but I was stupid and began it as an adult! I feel that other than deceiving me, that they sucked the life out of me, the very essence of what made me who I was---was replaced by a person I really didn't like very well.

    Now I'm attempting to fill that void with many interests I wasn't allowed to pursue, and hanging out here whenever I can! LOL! We sure have a LOT of catching up to do!



  • FairMind

    I appreciated your sharing you experiences with the rest of us. It seems that the reason many of us become disenchanted with the WTS is not the doctrine but the hypocrisy and blatant abuse of power we saw at every level.


  • Spartacus

    Good good for you Londoner!

    In my case I don't think the bitterness will ever completely fade away, 18 years in the borg for me, I have not been back since 1996. :D Loving life and it's great! :D :D

  • Purza

    Welcome Londoner!

    It is always encouraging (and refreshing) to me when I see long time JWs (like yourself) make the decision to leave based on learning that the "truth" is really not the truth.


  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

    Welcome Londoner !

    Me and my wife were Jehovah's Witnesses during 41 years : from 1956 till 1997.

    When we left, I was 66 years old and my wife 62.

    Good luck in your new life !


  • Englishman


    I spent my early dub years in the Feltham, Middlesex area close to London Heathrow.

    I'm 58. Maybe we met?


  • stillajwexelder

    Welcome Londoner -thanks for your story

  • wednesday

    hello londoner. I'm in the states, but we are about the same age. I'm a third gen JWS . I read your story to my husband b/c he needs to hear this, we are real people on this board, real people not green eyed monster apostates. The WTS would have him and I afraid to look at why people were leaving, but since we have been here and read life stories , we see a familar thread through all the stories.

    He and I have been shook lose from this damnable society by the child abuse stories and extreme lack of love in the org. . We know these are true stories and the WTS won't own up to it , they are too busy CYA. (covering their ass) They talk a good line, but they are hypocrites. They do not have the love of christ in them.

  • cyberguy

    Welcome londoner!

    This is a very supportive board and I?m sure you can tell from the comments posted here! I?m a few years younger than you, but I feel exactly the same way as you! Just be glad you got out when you could!

    I was talking to a good friend of mine, who was a Bethel, in the Writing Department ? let?s just say he was a "heavy." Anyway, he sent me an email a few weeks ago, mentioning a number of phone calls he?s been receiving from European JW?s, looking for a ?way out!? He mentioned one poor soul who was 72 years old and finally figured-out recently that the whole thing was a ?snare and a racket!? So be glad you figured out now, rather than later!

    Welcome again! It only gets better from here!

    Take care!

  • lawrence


    Yes, we've all been there unfortunately, but some of us realize the power the WTS had by bad doctrines and prophets untested, now we've tested these power bastards and come to the realization that they duped GOOD PEOPLE, and we still will be GOOD PEOPLE without them. You might not feel my anger, but I can't wait for the day that Brooklyn Bethel BURNS IN FLAMES. Maybe sooner than later. God, rain fire down on Crooklyn. God bless you and your supportive wife.


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