NorEaster...stay tuned. we're in for a big blow....

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  • flower

    Finally it snowed on a weekend, no need to worry about rush hour traffic. yay! Snow is so pretty on the weekend. It looks so much different than on a week day when you have to dig yourself out and go to work lol.

    Weve already gotten a foot and its supposed to keep snowing all through the night. Unfortunately its the light fluffy kind that doesnt work well for snowmen or snowball fights...but it should make a nice snow angel :).

    We probably wont get as much as you guys in New England and thats ok with me since I'll have to dig out eventually.

  • hubert

    Sunnygal, I think you meant the "blizzard of '78", not '76.

    I remember that morning watching a road grader take one swath down our main road, and the guy was standing up in it, looking for car antennas!

    (I'm ready this time).


  • Special K
    Special K

    It's -19 c here right now. and still dropping.

    We've already had record snowfall already and here comes another 30-40 centimeters of snow.

    My cat cries to go out then turns around and cries to come him. He doesn't like the cold on his little paws..poor baby.


  • zev

    i was offline for a while.

    back up now though.

    picture is now refreshing.

    and its getting deeper and deeper................

  • zev

    keep an eye on the fire hydrant.

    its a way to gauge the depth.

    the winds are howling with this storm.


    at least they are plowing....i remember the '78' blizzard....they didnt plow at all and cars and people were stuck all over the roads everywhere.

    roads were not open for a week. the street i lived on wasn't plowed for 10 days. and when they did they used heavy equipment, not a snow plow. that was a rough storm.


    back to reality.....they plows are coming through this dead end street i live on. thats a good sign. we wont be as bad off as we were in 78.

  • prophecor

    Philadelphia's experiencing a winter wonderland, or the wrath of God according to your perception. It's not gonna' be nice when the dig out occurs, the arguments over the snatching of parking spaces when everyone is finally up and running, after spending mindless hours of digging out our cars, I won't find it unusual if someone loses their life over just such mindless incidents in the next 72 hours.

    But for now I am going to enjoy the wonderful awesome power of God in all its resplendent glory. The snow is such a rarity around these parts that I will welcome these hours as there is not much complaining is going to solve. Just sit back, and suck it up.

  • zev

    fortunately, i have lots of off street parking.

    we moved all the cars to the other driveway yesterday, or else they would be right in front of the camera now.

    i remember living with having to fight to keep a parking place though.

    it gets ugly. allot of times i wouldnt even shovel my car out. i would just klean the windows and drive it away.

    i hated seeing chairs and barrells out there "holding" parking places. i removed a few myself and had a few fights with my neihbors too. to bad, parking is not assigned, so you park where you can.

    its a matter of survival.

    glad i dont have to worry about it now though.

  • zev

    i tried using the flash.......but all i get is ......


    and........more snow!

    i had to use the special "night mode" this shows how deep its getting. the hydrant is getting burried.

  • zev

    and the worst of this storm is yet to come!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Just woke up here.

    I opened the back door to let the dogs out to do their business and there is 3 feet of snow on my porch.

    I hope the dogs can hold it because I am not lifting a 150 pound dog to toss them down to the main part of the yard which only seems to have 2.5 feet of snow!

    We are going to be digging out all afternoon and evening!

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