What was your turning point?

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  • freedom96

    I believe over time opening my ears and eyes and realizing what is really going on. I just cannot believe that they hold the "real" truth.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Thanks, everyone. As a group it looks like it took something different for almost all of us. Some were freed through scriptural inaccuracy being taught by the org, some through experiences with rotten people acting as though they had God's cell phone number while treating others like dirt.

    Very interesting, and thank you again for sharing.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    I hadn't been happy for awhile but I think my turning point occurred when I observed all the proceedings and goings on in connection with my son's disfellowshipping and reinstatement. Truly, the reinstatement is always more painful than the disfellowshipping. And that just is not right.

    I went to the Memorial right after that, just to be sure how I felt, and I detested being there, so I was sure then.

    And all the research followed! Yay! Thank you Freeminds, Jwinfoline, Towerwatch, and most of all, this forum!

  • outbutnotdown

    Ten and a half years ago, when my oldest child was born (I was df'd but I had been trying to go back and I was still very "in" mentally) my brother called me up and said that since I was the head of the household, if I never got reinstated before Armageddon, my child would die.

    I knew then and there that I could never serve this "Jehovah" God. 607 BCE, the "generation" change, the abuse cover-ups, etc.,after that, just confirmed to me that I had made the right decision.


  • FlyingHighNow

    JeanBean, I had little doubts here and there. But my family stumbled into a particularly selfish, dark & cruel congregation. We did all sorts of profound sacrificing to put Jehovah first. I cannot go into detail because it is too painful. The stresses added up in our lives until we were, all four of us, ill all of the time. Then my son brought home an antibiotic resistent form of strep that touched 35 families in our little town. We had it in three week cycles for nine straight months.It was painful, expensive, horrendous This was only one part of our complex nightmare of Job like events.

    Because of all those Job like events we became irregular and we were dropped like hot potatoes. It was horrible. I kept observing that the elders and certain "strong ones" were just like the Pharisees. They were like the line in the Kingdom song: "Proud hearts that know no pity for the meek(or was it weak?)" We became as liabilities to them and so we were not worth their time or their compassion.

    I finally caved in under all of it and just quit going. I thought I was taking a two week rest from a meeting schedule that I felt was cruel and grueling. Well, I collapsed in a breakdown and I never went back again except a rare meeting here and there. My last meeting was in December 1999... by then I had not been to a meeting in years. It all felt so weird and the "friends" seemed so odd. It seemed surreal and I knew I could never go again, never be a witness again. And I haven't gone to a meeting since.

    I read Crisis of Conscience in 2001. All my doubts were turned into concrete reality. My two children and I know the org is bogus now.

    Unlike LogansRun, I do think the organization was all that bad. Maybe someday I will face what happened and write it all down and post it here. It just wears me out to even contemplate that.

    Doubts I had:

    1. I thought the deep things they came up with like the entire Revelation: Climax book were hokey and I wondered where the heck they came up with all of that stuff since they claimed not to be inspired.

    2. Their goofy and heartless claim that babies who do not breathe the breath of life will not get a resurrection.

    3. That billions today do not deserve to survive Armegeddon, while many very cruel and cold hearted jws do. The older I got, the less I agreed that it made sense for God to kill so many good people. I also had problems with the WTBTS claim that those who died in the flood, even the children and infants, had no hope to live again.

    4. Jesus said you would know his followers by the fruit they bore and the love they would have among themselves. Well, I thought the society's fruit was pretty rotten and that for the most part, if the jws were showing love, then chickens had lips.

    There's more, but I kind of figure no one will make it this far into my post.

  • MungoBaobab

    #1) The August 1, 2002 Watchtower.

    #2) No evidence of a disasterous global flood, only overwhelming evidence to the contrary; i.e. RECORDED HISTORY precedes the date for the flood

    #3) Begging, pleading for the same thing in prayer several times a day, occasionally for hours on end and no response, then calling God a "son-of-a-bitch" in prayer for not doing anything about it and daring him to kill me that instant just like in OT times if he had a backbone or I'd live my life without him. Was that a run-on sentence? hehe

  • bem

    I have stated this several times over the last year, and everytime the question comes up it's the first thing that pops into my mind so it's still the correct answer. When my oldest son was DF'd and I was told that I was spiritually weak for not shunning him.

    That was after several other things had happened that I over looked and said were becaus we are all human. so it was the last time I could no longer overlook things. so it was the "turning point" I could no longer. Make excuses for the lies. the cover up's and lies about sexual abuse. they were the clencher to my finding freedom from the lie I had been living.


  • TheEdge

    Are you kidding FlyimgHighNow - I could have carried ON reading - if there's more I, for ONE, would love to hear it

  • TheEdge

    Gill - that is so sick I had to read it through TWICE to take it in. The JW wouldn't HESITATE to use this as an example of man's inhumanity if someone in the ''WORLD'' had done this.

  • sugarbritches

    Hi seeitallclearlynow--- and everyone. You said that the reinstatement is more painful that the disfellowshiping- how is that? I have a friend who is about to be reinstated and I'm just curious. Thanks- Sugarbritches

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