What was your turning point?

by jeanniebeanz 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gill

    Hi Jez!

    Sorry for your experiences in life. It's a bum deal being born into a JW family really. Even a nice one.

    I'm glad you've found your happiness now though. Life is finally good and how it should be....normal.

  • holly

    Interested to know what you now believe? you mentioned about your husband believing in the Trinity and Hell. I left the church because I had a problem with those things

  • jeanniebeanz

    Hi, Holly.

    My beliefs are pretty simple and they do continue to grow and change.

    I went through a period of doubting there was a god and then swung back.

    Condensed version:

    The Bible is the Word of God, however, I struggle with some of the things I read in there. Don't particularly like the personality displayed in the old testament.

    That Jesus is Divine; not God Jehovah, but Divine.

    That, he offered an example for us to follow that is good.

    That belief in him is essential to worshiping God.

    That ultimately God will fix this entire mess, and then we'll know more!

    Extremely condensed version sans the dogma. Is there any topic in particular you have in mind?


  • holly

    thanks, just wanted to know how you let go, when youve been taught you will die if you do. if the jws arent right but the bible is, then some group must have it right because the bible talks about the preaching work being done in the last days and then the end will come. so who are these people doing preaching work if it isnt jws. all very confusing.

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