I think my cat is a crack addict! :S

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  • orangefatcat

    Gee let me guess dmouse which one is the addict. Is it the one sticking his tongue out or the other one lickin the backside of his brother.

    For shame on you. Just wait until Elder Dog hears about this and then you'll see how the fur flies.

    I see a potential reproving or disfellowshipping in the making here. Lets see do we have two or three witnesses so the matter can be established.? Yes Brother and Sister Fur Face what did you see and please remember to be specific about the details.

    Tails haha I break myself up.

    Me while back at the farm (Watkill Farm or was that Waco Farm) anticipation is on the rise as to the outcome of the bad kat.

    But if truth be told it was the DOG who was responsible for the mess as he put all the plastic bags on the floor to incriminate poor puddy cat. Remember the standard rule "Dogs drool and Cats Rule. So as far as I can see Kitty is free of accusation and there will be no disfellowshipping to night !!

    Love The Verdict, Not Guilty...

    Orangefatcat. judge jury and executioner!!!!!!

  • 4JWY

    Didn't have time to check all the links provided by Xandria, but some may cover my thoughts.

    My cat has been eating plastic for eleven years, yet has never vomited due to it. One of the first times we discovered it, she did end up with an obstructed bowel that had to be taken care of. Our vet gave some explanation about plastic is a petroleum product and there is some attraction to it by cats. For hairballs, there is the petroleum product used, called Petromalt and I think that's why they will lick that stuff so readily. They like it.

    We always request paper bags at the grocery store because our cat will open cupboards and even drawers to get to plastic. She knocks over wastebaskets routinely digging for what she smells is in there (plastic of any sort.) The bedroom closet's sliding glass doors can be fully closed and she will sniff around and know there is a plastic shopping bag in there somewhere and get to it. It's amazing the amounts she has eaten before we catch her at it. We just don't understand how she can survive with all that going into her system. I mean, how does it digest?? It's gotta be some kind of addiction too I believe, and it may be tough for your kitty to kick the habit once it's begun. So please just take extra care in what you leave out and around.

  • Elsewhere

    I'm amazed at how forgiving animals can be.

    The other day I took both of my cats to the vet for their annual checkup and the vet gave me some antibiotics for one of them.. turns out he has a sinus infection that is causing him to sneeze a lot.

    For ten days I have to give him a pill in the morning and evening. The process is like this: I hold his head with one hand and force his mouth open with two fingers and the other hand us used to stick the pill far back in his mouth so he swallows it.

    Hell, if someone were to force my mouth open with one hand and then shove something down my throat with the other, I'd be seriously pissed at that person and would not let them anywhere near me!

    I've been doing this morning and night for several days now and he shows NO sign of hating me! Once the deed is done he is willing to hop on my lap and let me pet him!

  • Elsewhere

    Oh, if you are wondering, I did try putting the pill in his food, but would just eat around it.

    Sorry kittie... I tried to do it the easy way.

  • heart2heart

    Orange Fat Cat,

    I am very offended that you don't consider me to be one of your feline friends! I thought I was pretty cute and adorable!

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