The Elders Plan On Telling My Mom HOW She Can Spend Time W/My Daughter

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  • blondie

    You know, minimus, I have been a JW for a long time and never seen or heard of elders going over the specifics of how to associate or not with a "marked" JW. Is there some Talmud out there I'm not aware of? Maybe they are setting her up for further discipline. Is she going to do her own research? 80 years old and 40 of them in the regular pioneer service, and 2 snot nose brothers think they are qualified to tell her what even the WTS hasn't yet drawn up in list form.

  • Valis

    minimus, I thought your mom was tired of JWland, why is she meeting with elders again? One would think she had little desire to deal with them again,.

    Your mother may not be stupid, but she seems good at sitting on the fence.


    District Overbeer

  • minimus

    She told me, "I don't care what they say. I'm not going to listen to them, anyway".....I luv that woman! This is something she NEVER would've said, a year ago. Incidentally, she was asked if she's at least been witnessing to my son-in-law. She responded this way: "I would NEVER witness to him! It's bad enough he says his wife crying and her parents and grandmother too. He thinks we're a CULT aas it is! I'll NEVER try to preach to him!!".....

  • minimus

    Well Valis, when you get near 80, you can tell me (and her) what should be done.

  • czarofmischief

    Yeah, at 80 it's hard to backtrack - although it sounds like her basic decency and sense of family is starting to force changes in her attitude.

    How arrogant that monstrous cult is!


  • garybuss

    Min, they are gunning for your mother. She is OUT of favor. I have been wondering if there is room in the current organization for a liberal Witness. I guess we'll find out . . . at least for your town.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I don't allow the elders to meddle any of my affairs. I've also made it well known that if I have any problems I'd not be coming to them at all. Another one of the reasons why I've been 'marked'.

    At least they don't intrude in my personal life. I only allow my husband to do that and only because I can't help it.


  • minimus

    I think she enjoys telling them off.

  • candidlynuts

    i think seriously you should tell the elders to back off ..she's 80 and doesnt need this stress. she sounds like she's handling it ok but still, stress at that age is dangerous. raises blood pressure and increases the risks of stroke, or heartattack. they wont be sensitive to her age thats already apparent.

    hugs to your mom. i hate seeing them try to control her.

  • Gill

    Candidlynuts has a good point Minimus. Get them to back off because she really doesn't need the stress at her age. She may enjoy telling them off and get a kick out of doing it too but her body probably isn't up to it. Is there someone you can contact to make the ass....s leave her alone?

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