What kind of atheist are you?

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  • Narkissos

    Chief Rabbi Leon Ashkenazi said: "The difference between an atheist Christian and an atheist Jew is that an atheist Christian does not believe that God exists, while an atheist Jew believes that God does not exist."

    I'm not so sure about the Jewish-Christian borderline, but I love the nuance.

    So which sentence suits you better?

    "I don't believe that God exists."


    "I believe that God does not exist."

    And... why?

  • under74

    for me it would be- "I don't believe that God exists."

    why? Well...I don't see much difference between the Jewish god and the Christian god so I'll have to be in between I guess...

  • AlmostAtheist

    "I don't believe that God exists."

    Very subtle difference, but I think the other version implies that you feel you have enough information to prove (at least to yourself) that there is no god. It's pretty much impossible to prove god doesn't exist, so I can't put myself in that camp.

  • LittleToe

    What a fascinating nuance!
    I'm going to watch this thread with interest.

  • LittleToe

    I'm so fascinated, I got over-excited!!!

  • bem

    I am not sure this comment even holds it's own weight in words. But. the thought I had the first time I read the two. was the difference between Optimististic "I believe... and Pessimistic "I don't believe...

    I am slow at catching on to these things even after a couple reads, so the thought never changed. So my 2 cents worth.

  • AlanF

    I believe that the Christian God does not exist, because if he did, he'd be a monster. So far as I can see, the universe functions precisely as if he doesn't exist.

    I'm agnostic as to the existence of a Supreme Designer.


  • funkyderek

    I don't believe that gods exist.

    I believe that God (YHWH) does not exist.

  • Satanus

    Sorry, i just have to say that i know that the christian god doesn't exist. But, that's just me.

    S, who doesn't fit into any boxes

    Ps, i'm referring to the omnipotent, omniscient one

  • z

    "I believe that God does not exist." I'm Jewish lol

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