What kind of atheist are you?

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  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I believe that the god[s] of human myth do not exist...

    but I beileve all of us together are GOD.... reality dreaming about itself. [Generator Of Dreams]

  • proplog2

    I am the same kind of atheist as God is.

  • hillary_step


    I believe that the Christian God does not exist, because if he did, he'd be a monster. So far as I can see, the universe functions precisely as if he doesn't exist. I'm agnostic as to the existence of a Supreme Designer.

    Alan just about sums up my own viewpoints about the matter.

    Where beliefs are concerned, I rule nothing out. Everything in the universe is changing, nothing is static and I am prepared to allow this observation to dictate my own belief system. I am most sure about what I do not believe, rather than what I do believe.

    I might add that I would dearly love to believe in a personal creator, and have made it my duty to look at every aspect of the arguments both for belief in God and against it. Without doubt the weakest arguments on the matter are always from those that believe, which I guess should tell me something.

    I will pay the first person who provides me with irrefutable evidence of the existence of God or an afterlife $20,000 via bankers draft.

    Are you up to earning a few bob Little Toe?

    Best regards - HS

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I'm a fence-sitter. There thats out of the way. But in the moments when I'm leaning on to the atheistic side, I think the statement "I don't believe God exists" applies to me.

    In the vein of AlmostAtheist's reasoning, I think it says something about one's approach to knowledge and how its attained. I'd be making my call on the facts as I see them, from a practically materialistic POV, which precludes the supernatural.

    "Believing" as the starting point, and then seeing whether its negative or positive, for me anyways, seems to mean one is including intuitive and revelatory sources of knowledge, if not mostly going on their "gut" with it.

    Edit: to clarify: one way you don't have all the info you need, so no certainty, the other you're saying a certainty which means you somehow have a a tap into supernatural things as well

  • FairMind

    I'm the kind of athiest that believes in God but not man.

  • funkyderek
    I'm the kind of athiest that believes in God but not man.

    So not an atheist at all then?

  • BrendaCloutier

    I think I have a third one

    "I do not believe in the existence of god" Ok, mincing words.

    However, I'm of the I believe that the god[s] of human myth do not exist.. catagory, because I believe in the existence of god-entity, souce of the universes. However, I classify myself as agnostic because my interpretation of "god" is non-godma (not to be confused with dogma or catma).

  • Satanus

    Hee hee, brenda


    I guess that would make adherents of godmatism godmatics And you may be a nongodmatist. Good one.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Oh, I just got the nuance. One is a possitive statement of god's non-existence = Jew. The other is a negative statement of god's existence = Christian.

    Seems to support the differences of Judaism vs Christianity = possitive vs negative.

    Ok, I'm slow some mornings. I just finished my 2nd cup of coffee.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Thank you {{{ S }}}

    I didn't feel that dogma really supported the point I was trying to make (and catma only supports itself). However, I had not carried godma out to that extent. Most Excellent!

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