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  • Dustin

    I think I still might have a complex. So I'm gonna tell my story so you can all laugh at me. Did any of you other guys always go to the district convention hoping you would find that dream JW girl you had always been looking for? Sounds like a great idea right? But there was a problem. Witness girls in the area I'm from were just plain mean to me. I would always try to be the nice guy, but that never seemed to get me anywhere. Most of the girls basicly ignored me, and the ones who didn't would always just string me along until they spent all of my money. Now I'm not trying to say any of you ladies out there are like that. But my general experience with girls led me to believe the JW girl was evil. The funny thing was all the years I was the good little JW, the girls totally ignored me. Now eventually I met my wife who was not a JW girl when I met her. Then the other girls from my area acted like they were all hurt and stuff because I hadn't choose one of them even though they ignored me the whole time before. So I want to ask the guys out there: Did you have an easier time with JW girls or "worldly" girls? And to all you ladies I ask: Are JW girls different than "worldly" girls? Now remember I'm not being mean spirited when I ask, but I'm just curious. Also do you guys have any funny JW dating stories?


  • seven006

    ***Did you have an easier time with JW girls or "worldly" ***

    Define "easier."


  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Are JW girls different from "worldy" girls?

    you have to ask?... silly boy...

    having been both, i will say without a shadow of a doubt: yesyesyes!!!

  • Iskra

    Never dated a JW girl. All the single ones in my area congregations were either al too young or too old for my tastes. So I found one from the "outside". Thank god for that!

  • prophecor

    That was my primary objective when going to the assemblies, I was always surprised at the sizeable amount of pickings available at the assemblies. I was never deemed a good prospect for marriage for my lack of being able to properly care for her financially, much less spiritually or emotionally.

    Though I was always encouraged to devote my time to the ministry as I was on disability at the time. And besides, why would you marry in this system of things when you could marry in perfection?

    Coming to a theatre near you.

    I didn't feasibly make sense to marry when the new system was right around the next corner,... yep,... the one that's just after this one,..a little further now,... not much longer now I betcha'... whoops....didn't mean to say betcha,... won't be much longer now,.. I can see it just beyond the horizon,... another minute and we'll be right there I tell ya,... one more mile to go y'all,... can't you see the end is just about here yet?, ...why any day now,.........................................

    And after a few decades of that and my biological clock is constantly going off like a time bomb, I couldn't hold out any longer, by that time, I had pretty much been reduced to self destruct mode. So I did the only logical thing.......Abondon Ship! Abondon Ship! Abandon Ship!..Or was it Shipwrecked?,... anyway.

    I've been blessed by one of the daughters of Moab, who really is not a bad catch, once it is she's been fileted anyway, she's been a nemisses, as well as a princess in my life. We are truly soulmates. She is truly my absolute opposite, my yen to my yang and other things. Honestly, I believe had I not met her, my life would still be caught in the throngs of the WTBTS's web of guilt and emotional turmoil.

    Life sometimes has a wonderful way of working itself out, inspite of yourself.

  • coldfish

    I was a real b*tch to guys when I was a JW. I was cool and standoffish, barely gave guys the time of day, a typical elder's daughter I spose.

    I think cause I was so inept at socialising I found it easier to be cool and not let people get close in the first place. Plus my father was a dead serious elder and wouldn't have allowed me to get close to any guys in the first place.

    Later on, when I was 18 I got engaged to a weak JW. He made the comment 'Don't you think it would be wiser to marry a ministerial servant?'

    A lot of JW girls are only interested in guys with a position eg pioneers and MSs

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i was very sweet to all the nice brothers. that's one good thing (hmm, i found a good thing?)... the jw boys were always very respectful and sweet to me... i never felt they looked at me as a sex object. i sometimes wonder what it would be like to go back now, being the new person i am...i wonder if i would run into anyone i had a crush on back then...it's almost as if you visited another planet, or something. i'd prolly feel like a stranger in a strange land...

  • jeanniebeanz
    And to all you ladies I ask: Are JW girls different than "worldly" girls?

    I cannot speak for worldly girls, but as a JW girl, I was pretty mixed up. If you experienced meanness, it may be that the jw girls you approached just did not know how to behave as ladies. I didn't... Never took money from anyone though, was just kind of standoffish.


  • upside/down

    Everybody here knew I'd throw in my two cents worth...lol

    I was a "catch" (Hard core serious about the truth, reg. pio., MS, on my way to Gilead etc) so the sista's gave me lots of attention, but I wasn't interested at all. I was taken back at why the Dub women weren't interested in the Dub boys, but LOVED the "new ones".

    Then I met my wife to be, the "perfect" sista, from the "perfect" Dub clan and a great Dub hall... I was in heaven. Then it all went down hill.

    I remember that most of the Dub dudes (young bucks) despised me because I got the "cream of the crop" (or so I thought). But they kept "trying". Even while I was engaged the wolves would come sniffin 'round. I was kind of shocked. Ended up having to threaten to "kick some ass" to get 'em to back off. The Dub guys I was around were pretty bad guys. They had NO RESPECT for women. They were far worse than any of my previous "worldly" friends. They felt as if they had special privelege, since a Dub sis HAD to marry them sooner or later. Some real LOSERS!!!

    I pitied the Dub women....

    Never Again,


  • kaykay_mp

    "JW Girls and Me: This Sort of Thing Ain't My Bag, Baby!" By Dustin



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