JW girls and me

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    omg rotflmao!

    (i sometimes wish i had known some of you guys when i was in...)

  • prophecor

    How You Doin?

  • flip4diz

    We were all bitchy because we were so sexually repressed.



  • MungoBaobab

    I never understood how I was supposed to pick up chicks with my whole family right there at the assembly with me. I also thought it was kind of inappropriate to be worrying about getting laid at a "spiritual affair" anyway. Of course, who could help but think of naked women during boring convention parts? Well, not me, that's for sure!

  • poipoi

    You know i think it would depend on a lot of things. Putting Jehovah first and striving to be more spiritualy mature has a lot to do with it. When looking for that special someone , knowing that dateing isn't recreational, knowing who you are and what your looking for and seeking one that is as or more spiritual than you can help in the process. The young people ask book is really great on the subject. Asking yourself , do i have the qualitys to offer or sustian a successfull relationship?, do i really want to take on this role,? A nother thing to think about, it may sound rough but, everybody knows where they are at spiritualy, so it's only reasonable that one who is persueing jehovah a great deal in their life would only consider those who do the same. Being spiritualy mature has a lot do with who you would attract in the truth (in most cases). This i s want i have gathered basicly. Those who are not showing brotherly affection towards one another isn't displaying love, humility and modesty. That is a signal at where their spirituality is. Those wouldn't be ones to want to persue such relationships evedently. I wouldn't. It would show where your standerds are at. And age has (maturity) a lot to do with it. It is a matter of prayer and keeping jehovah first in your life and everything alse will follow. lol

  • eljefe

    I find my lack of relationship experience to my detriment. JW relationships don't function the way a normal "worldly" relationship does.

    Now that I'm out I have to start from square one trying to understand women (is it possible?).

    Another funny thing occured to me the other day. The Watchtower always made it seem that any time a man and woman were together alone, sex immediately broke out. They just can't help themselves. So far that hasn't happened, or am I not meeting the right girls?

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    While I was a FT pioneer, I dated many young "sisters". Since I never met one that I felt I wanted to marry; it usually did not go passed the first date. But as I recall; they were all nice girls from nice families.

    I ended up marrying a nice Catholic girl ( but thta is another story for another post)

    In my first year in college; I had invited a young sister from a neighboring congregation out one nite for a cup of coffee. We something in common; we were the only young ones around pursuing college; I had just left a 4 year stint of FT pioneering to start college; I was 21. She was 18; had just graduated HS and at a wordly fathers insistence, had started college. Her mother was one of those "zealous" elder wives "wanna be"; but with a wordly husband she was never going to be "there."

    Well, Suzanne and I had a glass of wine instead of coffee, and a nice evening talking about ourselves, our education; future etc. As I recall it was a pleasent evening. We arranged a second date. Second time around Suzannes mom grilled me when I went to the door to pick her up

    "you gave my daughter wine instead of coffee, what were you hoping to accomplish"

    I was so stunned I did not know what to answer so I stammered ( that ws 27 years ago!)

    The wordly dad came to the rescue ( a cooler head prevailed) and said it was OK; that we were both in the legal age limits to drink. I suspected immediately that I was the only JW suiter of his daughter that showed some promise for the future ( at that time there were no other JW kids pursuing a college education).

    For what ever reason I never dated Suzanne again; but I never forgot the kindness of her "wordly father".

  • Xena

    I had low self esteem and figured with all those other pretty spiritual girls around no dub guy was going to give me the time of day anyway, so I kept to myself.

    I didn't date until I left the dubs for a spell when I was 20, then I dated worldly guys and realized I actually did have something to offer. When I went back to the dubs when I was 22 it was with a completely different attitude...ended up married within a year of returning to the "fold"

  • defective light
    defective light


    It is a matter of prayer and keeping jehovah first in your life and everything alse will follow.

    IMHO.....I think this is a rather LAME statement.... lol

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    We always had bethel boys coming and going in my cong. Many were interested, but I was not baptized, so things didn't go too far, plus I didn't want to get married so young, so I was more of a friend and they never had to worry around me that I'd push for something more. It used to bug the other sisters that they would talk with me after meetings, work with me in service etc, and stay away from them! It was funny watching the girls in the cong when ever any fresh meat came into the hall. They were all so anxious to get married right away! (I was in no rush to get married so young, got married at 22, now I think I was too young even then). They would pounce on any new bros, and several friendships were lost over a sis stealing a bro away from her. I know of 4 marriages that are broken up, and a few that really should divorce, they make each others lives miserable.


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