Shunning - what do they think they are accomplishing?

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  • orangefatcat

    I think sugarbritches said it appropriately"

    vWhy would I want to spend forever with people who don;t want to spend now with me?--Sugarbritches

    That really hits home. What a sad state of affairs that one can't see or enjoy a new born infant.

    I am convinced that JW like the fact that they are the only ones who will survive and the rest of the world will die. Yes it is blackmail pure and simple.

    That line they use, oh you ought to be ashamed of yourself, maybe now you'll realize that you hurt Jehovah and will come back to him.

    Blow me away, they are so condesending. They could care less about you. Maybe just ones on personal family feels the anguish of not being able to shun. But even Jesus never shunned anyone.

    Shunning accomplishes nothing but pain and anguish to the person who ends up being at the recieving end.

    Please realize that you are loved here.

    Orangefatcat knows your pain.

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  • dh

    I think shunning is ridiculous. I think most people lose sight of why they are doing it, and do it just to make the point of 'ha ha, I am a good JW, you are DF'd, I am going to make you feel outcast'... when in fact if a person leaves the 'flock' with no intentions of going back anyway, they are no harm to anyone, and as someone said in a post a few days ago, if it was about love, they would not be forced through such humiliation to go back to their family of 'brothers' just like the prodigal son wasn't... But DF'ing was never about keeping the 'flock' clean, it is about control and fear, just like Armageddon.

  • stillajwexelder

    The opposite of love - and God is Love 1 John 4 vs 8

  • jeanniebeanz

    <smack> Jeannie smacks your smug cousin in the puss. <ahem>

    It hurts, but it is nothing more than blackmail to try to force you to come back. Afterall, how dare you move on with your own life and build a loving home without them! It's outrageous! You're supposed to go jump off a bridge or something, not have a productive life without them! <ha-rumph> You're not following their plan for the disfellowshiped/Da'd and they are pissed off.



  • steve2

    Shunning is the way in which insecure people "prove" to themselves and others that they really do believe it, while underneath it all, the doubt persists.

  • TheEdge

    Yep Sunspot - loads of grovelling to a bunch of blokes who need their ''status'' reinforcing. (Reminds me that film ''Merlin'')

    And I think you've got it there Fleur - all about control. And fear.How scary is it to believe that you are going to die very soon, and in the meantime you will be shunned by, not only people that PROFESSED to love you (conditionally), but by people who are supposed to love you UNCONDITIONALLY. And who was it that said Catholicism kept its Congregation through Fear?.....hang on, I'll think of it in a minute......

  • scootergirl

    I agree..shunning is about control. It a "punishment" of sorts that I believe is intended to make us long for something that has been taken away. It is a way for people to rationalize that they are right, we are wrong. Used to "shake us to our senses" and in my opinion is a form of spiritual abuse. It is a way that the borg uses to protect it's followers from thinking on their own...if they can advocate shunning, then they are trying to minimize any possible doubts among family members of those that have left. You know that they don't want anyone to realize that life doesn't end when you leave the borg. It all boils down to control.

    I too always thought if my parents sincerely wanted me to return to the borg, you would think that they would show me love and compassion. By giving me the cold shoulder and ostracizing me proved to me that I didn't matter.

  • lisavegas420

    When my daughter had a child, I though my parents would stop the shunning so they could see their great grand children.

    It got worse, they never even called. They didn't want to meet or see them. Armegeodeon is so close. They were just going to die anyway....... They don't want to get attached............

    Oh well, thats ok, this way I don't have to share them..... my grandchildren are mine...all three of them....mine all mine.....I am number one grandmother, just ask 'em....

  • JH

    The Watchtower treats grown ups like children. When a whole congregation shuns a person, it's childish.

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