Good Afternoon, Jehovah! OOps, sorry, sorry....

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  • hillary_step


    There was this story (true or false, but given as true) in the French Bethel that once a very tired brother who was in charge of the phone switchboard was asked to say the lunch prayer and unwittingly began with the standard introduction: "Hello, Jehovah's Witnesses speakin'"

    lol.... I also heard of one JW at the French Bethel who fell asleep during a meeting and awoke half way through the talk thinking that the meeting had ended. He began to clap enthusiastically. When he noticed that people were turning to look at him, he began to clap around his head pretending that he was trying to trap a A prayer faux pas to remember was that of Milton Henschel who closed an assembly with prayer a few years ago saying, "Jehovah, we approach you through your Organization" - a Freudian slip which he quickly corrected. Still I guess that is better than the JW who once suggested in a talk that 'Jesus was ressurected and now had exactly the same kind of immorality as his Father". Best regards - HS

  • simplesally

    I think it is inappriopriate to tell others how to pray to a God that is supposed to be your Friend and Father. I say Good Morning to my co-workers, to my Dad, my daughter, my boss and the housekeeping ladies at work. I think you need to greet each person when you have contact with them. If the President of the United States was my boss, I would say, "Good Morning Sir."

  • xjw_b12

    I guess F*#k You Jehovah is out of the question then. ??

  • Tigerman

    " Have a nice day, Jehovah ! "

  • funkyderek

    What about "Dear Jehovah, I hope you are well...."?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Interesting; yet to my mind, the JWs' casual way of addressing God Almighty, i.e. ``Jehovah this" and ``Jehovah that" to the exclusion of such reverential forms of address as ``God Almighty" strikes me as a practice that would seem to encourage that sort of off-handedness.

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  • Mastodon

    I remember this MS who was ending the Service Meeting and the brother who introduced him said:"and now, to close this meeting with "a Payer and a Song", and the MS got to the platform and started praying...after he was done praying, we all said Amen and then started singing...funny

  • vitty

    I remember a talk where the brother told us we shouldnt start a prayer with "Dear Jehova"

    And another when the PO TOLD us we should start the day with a 20 minute prayer like he did

  • kaykay_mp

    What? Do they want them to say, "Get bent, Jehovah"?

    I see nothing wrong with a nice little greeting to a deity every once in a while. It doesn't hurt.



  • frenchbabyface

    xjw-b12 ... (don't even think about it) ...

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