Good Afternoon, Jehovah! OOps, sorry, sorry....

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  • Englishman

    OOps. "Good afternoon Jehovah" est verboten!

    Look, WT 15 March, 86:

    When individuals have the opportunity to speak to kings or rulers of this world, they usually do so respectfully and with dignity, highly appreciating the privilege. Should we be less respectful and appreciative when speaking to "the living God and the King to time indefinite"? (Jeremiah 10:10) Of course not. Thus, such expressions as, "Good afternoon, Jehovah" or, "We want to talk to you, Jehovah" are out of place in prayer, as are conversational remarks such as, "How are you today?" "Give our love to Jesus," or, "Have a nice day."—Compare Ecclesiastes 5:1, 2.

    But then, the WT of June 1, 85 had previously stated:


    From Readers


    Are there things that we should avoid saying when we pray to Jehovah?
    Yes, there are. We should avoid saying things in our prayers that sound overly familiar and suggest to others (in public prayers) that we are being disrespectful. Such expressions as "Good afternoon, Jehovah" and "Give our love to Jesus" are not fitting, nor are humorous comments or even jokes in our prayers.

    Even back in 1980, the WT had begun it's campaign of avoiding too much familiarity with Jehovah:

    How thoughtlessly inappropriate to begin a prayer with an expression such as, "Good afternoon, Jehovah!" We can come with freeness of speech because of our faith and confidence in His willingness to hear and because of our being integrity-keepers. But we should do so with deep respect, with reverence.—

    I just thought that you might find this of some interest. I shall now look up Good night, Jehovah, Good morning, Jehovah and Asta La Vista Jehovah.

    Good afternoon.


  • dh

    hey jehovah, want a beer?

  • Narkissos

    There was this story (true or false, but given as true) in the French Bethel that once a very tired brother who was in charge of the phone switchboard was asked to say the lunch prayer and unwittingly began with the standard introduction: "Hello, Jehovah's Witnesses speakin'"

  • m0nk3y

    Well, talk about uptight bethalite.

    I mean obviously we wouldn't want god to be like a friend or companion, how presumptious of us, god is the boss, no time for happiness in the relationship .. don't forget that important people such as royalty don't have FRIENDS so I mean why would god want any ?


  • Pole

    Sayonara Jehovah!


  • Englishman

    Found another one!

    15/ Jan, 1999:

    So when praying we would avoid such statements as, "Good morning, Jehovah," "We send you our love," or, "Have a nice day." The Scriptures show that God’s only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, never addressed his heavenly Father in that way.



  • Elsewhere

    lmao... and people wonder why Jehover appears to be a dictator to me.

    "Good afternoon?!?!?!?!? How dare you say such a thing to me!!! Off with your head!!!"

  • m0nk3y

    Jehovah doesn't want to be reminded of the time with "goodmornings and afternoons" you'll only piss him off further that armageddon is already so bloody late .. it's a sore spot for him

  • Preston


    I should of opened up with prayer using one of those expressions...

    "Hey, Jehovah...have a good one....smoke 'em if ya got 'em"

    hmmm...uptight bethelite...I think I'm gonna use that more

    - Preston

  • frankiespeakin

    I remember an annoited bethelite Allex Hadock (must be 55 now). Back in the seventies he said a prayer for morning worship and he would start off with an excited and affectionate "Good morning Jehovah!!" and use all kinds of "undue familiarity" in address to the "most exulted" they must have talked to him the next day. Anyway it must have scared someone in the writting department enough to have him keep reminding us about it in the WT.

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