Hi -I'm Jewish

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  • moshe

    I'm an ex-JW - I converted to Judaism . I just wondered if any Ex-JW's like me are now Jewish or have questions about Judaism.



  • under74

    Hi moshe. Welcome to the forum. Well, I'm not jewish, but I hope you'll stick around because there's no telling when I'll have a question about Judaism.

  • frenchbabyface

    Welcome Moshe !!! Shalom

    I don't think I will have any question (but never say never ...) just because this religion is related to the bible anyway ... I would like to hear about something new, based on something different (that we might never heard about yet or at least that I never heard about) ... But I'll read you though

  • Sunspot

    Welcome Moshe!

    What an interesting transition----going from a JW to the Jewish faith! Looking forward to hearing whatever you have to share....



  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    At the hall I attended with my husband we had a few Jews who converted to becoming Jehovahs Witnesses.

    I always thought it was quite odd that they did that.

    My Godparents are Orthodox Jews and very wonderful and accepting people.

  • FlyingHighNow


    I find the real Jewish religion very interesting. The more modern form of it anyway. Please do stick around. You can help round things out even more than they presently are.

  • z

    Hi Moshe

    I'm Jewish (not a beleiever ) never was JW I'm here cous I know one who told me we can't be friends so I said what the f***k he is tallking about so after loging on this site I see all this s*** and i just can't believe what this old GB can do to people so sry I feel for you all

    like to be here thx

  • Glofishy

    Glad to meet you Moshe :)

    I studied with the JW's, and my hubby is an inactive, unbaptized publisher. I was thinking of going the Jewish way myself...like in Messianic Judaism. What form of Judaism are you practicing, if you don't mind me asking?

  • z

    opsI know the OT not bad and my first language is Hebrew

    שלום לכולם ( hi all )

  • Leolaia

    Welcome! I'm curious if your Witness experience was a factor in discovering Judaism. Growing up as an unbaptized Witness, I always felt closer in spirit to Judaism than Christianity. The Society used the Old Testament much more than the "Christian Greek Scriptures," the Memorial felt a bit more like a Passover observance in how it was held yearly sometime around Passover and always started out talking about the exodus of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, we didn't celebrate Christmas and sat out of Christmas school activities with Jewish kids, we grew up hearing Gestapo and concentration camp stories of Nazi persecution of "our people," and so forth. My boyfriend is Jewish and I felt an immediate connection with his family (though they are not observant), and I knew having been a JW was part of it. His aunt is a concentration camp survivor and emotionally I related because "my people" were sent to the camps as well, and then I stopped myself and realized I was no longer a Witness and yet felt a connection.

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