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  • proplog2

    The problem with JW's is that Fred Franz was a little bit too jewish. He succeeded in making JW's more jewish than the most orthodox jews. JW's treat the world like Goys.


  • Preston

    Shalom Moshe,

    My mom converted from Judaism to being a Jehovah's Witness... however, I am fascinated by Jewish culture and history. It has been something I have been researching ever since I got out.... and I make an excellent matzoh brie....

    - Preston

  • z


    Try it with ham and cheese good for Passover very Kosher Matsoh Bried mmm good lol

  • moshe

    Thanks for the welcome. To answer some questions. I started dating a Jewish lady in 1999- we got married in 2000 and decided to convert in 2001. We belong to a consevative temple. I think that most Jews consider Messianic Jews to be practicing Christians. Anyway, I was a JW for 16 yrs-and elder for a few and annulled my membership by letter to the WTBS in 1988. Like many I went back to the orthodox Christianity I was raised in, but with some reservations. I figured I would find the answers later. The turning point for me was the book "the five gospels", by the Jesus seminar in 1994. They did another book "the acts of Jesus" in 1998. I quit beliving in Christianity and the total veracity of the Nt scriptures about 1996. I am open to all faiths ,if it helps to explain G-d to you. If JW's would stop shunning folks and quit killing innocents with their blood transfusion rules I would have no major issues with them- live in peace- and let me sleep in on Sat. morning, too.



  • Golf

    Greetings and welcome. I believe one or two on this board have some connections. They will surface


  • vitty

    Do you have the same view or feeling about the OT as you did when you were a witness?

    Or is it completely different now you are a Jew?

    Did the WT hi-jack the OT? I have always felt they did. They way they have twisted scriptures in the NT have they done the same with the OT?

  • CyrusThePersian


    I'm Jewish, too. At least three-quarters. (My mother is Jewish, My Dad was half Jewish.) They converted in the 1950's and raised my brother and me as JW's. I left the "troof" about four years ago but I haven't gone back to Judaism. I'm interested in what your life is like now that you are a Jew. (I assume you belong to a Conservative shul, my parents were Reform.) I don't know anything about Jewish life since we have had very little contact with family over the years.


  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I was raised a JW, but am now, very happily Jewish. For me, it was one of those things that was simply "meant to be." After making the decision, and converting, my family research showed that three of my four grandparents were Jewish, none of us from my generation knew. My parents didn't even know...or didn't want to acknowledge it.

    I belong to a reform synagogue, I find the ritual, and weekly holiday the exact things this soul needs. (Along with good food-but wait, isn't that the ritual!!!)


  • OICU8it2

    Welcome. Look forward to your experiences if you'll pass them on to us. Hey, reminds me of a witness joke. What do you get when you cross a witness with a Jew? If you don't want their magazines at the door they can always do your taxes.

  • Bryan

    Welcome Moshe!

    I hope you stick around. It would be great to the Jewish viewpoint on many discussions here.


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