Do Jehovah's Witnesses Depend on Mental Illness?

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  • upside/down

    It seems the higher the intelligence level and the more honest the person- the worse the depression became! The worst part was the under-educated despots (shepherds lol) that you WERE COUNTING ON to help you were actually having their ego's stroked by you having to come to them for "help", which of course never materialized. You need to just pray more, study more, get out in service more and rely on J more! Why even have elders.. why not just paint that on the wall of every kingdom hall and every time anyone has a problem everyone just point the person to the wall... it will have the same impact!

    The "drones" seem to be just fine.



  • heatherg

    I think it is a pre-requisite of JW's to have some sort of ailment or mental illness. I was always depresses until I left, and constantly sick. The rest of my family that are JW's are on all kinds of meds for depression, ADD, etc...

    JW's should have a slogan " All hypochondriacs apply within"

  • upside/down

    Man- forgot about the ADD/ADHD - holy shit!

    First of all EVERONE has this "syndrome", if you read the "symptoms".

    There was a sister in our hall who could not have a conversation without inserting that she suffered from ADD/ADHD at some point... it got real old. When her real problem was her BIG F*CKIN mouth, she gossiped and wasn't a "good" witness so she needed this "illness" as a cover. She wore it like a badge and of course NO ONE could possibly understand her suffering. She put more people through hell with her razor sharp tongue... and if you called her on it she would blame her "affliction". WTF!

    These people aren't stupid, they've been trained from infancy on how "to play the game". Illness IS a pre-requisite for being a Dub and certainly comes in handy when you get yourself in a jam. Aren't aliby's great?!

    I was a dumb-ass and never acquired an "affliction" to my detriment. So I guess I have no excuses... it was all me!


  • Goldminer


    are you in the same congregation as me? you just described the local congregation to a tee.

    same story here,every once in a while somebody has a breakdown or starts on anti-depressants,people in their early 30's too sick to go to work,everybody suffering from some ailment that they want everybody to know about so when they slack off a bit they have a "legitimate" excuse.

    but you're not suppose to judge your brother....blah,blah,blah.......

  • Dustin

    That was a great read. It brings back alot of painful memories. But thank you for putting it in perspective for what it is.


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  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    JW's should have a slogan " All hypochondriacs apply within"

    amen to that. it seems though, when i was in, i didn't meet too many unhealthy people...but then again i was pretty young and maybe not in tune to that kind of thing. but i do know that my relatives who are still in are all sick and on drugs and alcohol. (how do i know? well, i was reunited with my sister and her friends and family briefly, and i keep tabs on them by reading their blogs (my only window to their life) and every day it's some crisis or trip to the ER for pain.... weird. )

  • upside/down

    Let's not limit this to mental illness.

    What about all the "freaks" that were "allergic" to flourescent lights, perfumes, synthetic fabrics, meat and anything not "organic" or "natural"? I used to love saying that arsenic and hemlock are "natural"- nobody laughed... What about the "toxin cult", you know the ones that were constantly purging their bodies of all the "toxins", THEY WERE THE SICKLIEST PEOPLE I EVER MET, they caught every bug that came down the pike.

    It was like little "mini-cults" within the "mother cult". These people loved being martyrs and "persscuted" by all of us idiots who didn't have our "college degree equivilency exam" (lifetime of reading Awake).

    Where the hell the did the idea that we are all supposed to be vegetarians come from? If "God" didn't want us to eat animals, why are they made out to meat? lol. (vegetarians take some St. Johns wort and RELAX- I'm just funnin)

    My buddy that was in the circuit work used to muse that he knew what "illness" all "the friends" would have each tour around the circuit, whatever new "mystery" illness that was discussed in Awake- like clockwork that illness would be the flavor of the week next time he visited. What a load of crap.

    If they WTS really wants to make $$$, they should by stocks in company's that make depression meds! IN HOUSE PROFITS!

    u/d Soapbox

  • XQsThaiPoes

    I don't know I agree but think you are shading the watchtower as having more credit than it deserves. I think the reason that their are so many abnormal people in jws is because they are told what ever their probleming is if they do X they are "normal" or god forbid better than normal. In Jws I see more untreated mental illness than other religions. I think the other religions actually turn away people the JWs harbor and humor.

    I know "watchtower" people and they are nothing like JWs in the mental health respect. So it is obvious the wts does not want bipolar people with ocd. Just like it kicks people with health problems to the curb. You will find it humorus when you ask to serve at bethel and some elder tells you "Just saying alive is service enought to Jehovah" or other tailored your are too much of a liability to let on watchtower property awnsers.

    Also I think that unlike other religions the JWs give sick people hope in the here and now. WHere otherwise they have to die to have all their problems cured. It is like faith healing on lay-away. I was explaining it to a nurse once (blood issue related) and it is like her mind broke. She wanted to say thats a stupid belief, but then again it was too logical/appealing to discard. If I live I go to happy land, and if I die I go to happy land. If a person believes that it is very hard to convince them the present matters. It is like if depression had a optomistic version were instead of doing nothing because you feel bad, and you do nothing because you feel good.

  • ezekiel3
    It is like faith healing on lay-away.

    My new favorite phrase, thanks XQ!

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